Ypulse Essentials: Student Care Packages, Snooki's Scent, Social Media Is The New Co-Viewing TV

TargetNot sure what to get that student going away to college? (Now Target, as part of a big digital push, is allowing students to create a care package wish list that they can share with friends and family via Facebook or email. The retailer will also be giving discounts to the first 1,000 Facebook fans that like its digital promotions. Speaking of going back to school, college students are increasingly renting textbooks, encouraged by professors to rent the books instead of buying. They may be even more inclined to do so now that Amazon has announced the Kindle Cloud app for PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad, allowing readers to access their Kindle libraries from the web) (Retailing Today) (GalleyCat) (PSFK)

- Snooki is reportedly getting her own perfume line (to go with her branded flip-flop empire. We do not want to think about what the fragrance could smell like. Speaking of interesting brand extensions, Sketchers is making a push into consumer electronics aimed at elementary to high school aged children. The line will include MP3 players, earbuds, speakers, digital cameras, and more and will feature the Sketchers Kids characters. “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler is partnering with Andy Hilfiger on a clothing line for Macy’s called Andrew Charles. Tyler’s 22-year-old daughter, Chelsea, will star in the ad campaign) (Coco Perez) (MediaPost) (NY Mag)

- Interacting on social media while watching TV (is the new form of co-viewing; people are watching together, but virtually. It can be taken to the next level with programs incorporating social media cues such as hashtags and calls to Facebook to encourage viewer interaction. While we assume social media will continue to exist in the future, exactly what social sites will survive is less obvious. A savvy social media investor and user, Ashton Kutcher has a few predictions, including that Twitter may not last long if it doesn’t put some measures in place to eliminate spam. Facebook has its own survival to worry about — hacker collective Anonymous has threatened to “kill” the network for its misuse of personal data, planning to bring it down November 5) (Derek Baird) (Details) (CNN)

- MTV is releasing a new app (as part of its “Staying Alive” campaign for HIV awareness. The crowdsourced app, appropriately called iCondom, directs users to the nearest place that sells or distributes condoms) (Mashable)

- The Spice Girls and their music will be the next group (to get the “jukebox musical” treatment on Broadway. With all of these 90s cultural artifacts resurfacing, we’re thinking of starting a pool! But seriously, what do you predict the next 90s blast from the past will be? Tell us in the comments…) (Popdust)

- Get ready for ‘Smurfs 2’ in August 2013. The sequel is slated for an August release, despite a 23% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing...we must all really be desperate for movie theater air conditioning in the summer) (Cynopsis)

- And finally, from the “too cute” department… (here’s what kids expect from technology in the future. We love the idea of a computer that can automatically translate our speech into another language while video-messaging!) (ReadWriteWeb)


  1. Gwen

    Is it grim to hope that the next 90s trend we see is a booming economy? 

    ...of course, now that you mention it, I could go for a double dose of Flannel coming back on the weekends though!  Maybe after the heat wave has passed.

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