Ypulse Essentials: Streaming Movies Via Facebook & YouTube, Classic Toys Top Wishlists, Millennials And Work

Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolParamount is launching the ‘largest movie initiative to take place on Facebook’ (to promote the latest installment in the “Mission Impossible” franchise. Paramount is making the previous three films available for rental on the site for $2.99 or 30 Facebook credits. Paramount wants to help fans “relive and share” those adventures, so we’re sure the page encourages fans to pass the word on to friends. Disney is also trying a new movie streaming venue in the form of YouTube. “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cars,” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise are currently available, and will be joined by hundreds of other titles from the Disney and Pixar studios) (The Next Web) (THR)

- Toys are topping kids’ wishlists this year (according to new research from NPD Group. Some 47% of kids aged 0 to 14 want Santa to bring them toys, compared to 39% last year. Classics like Legos and Barbies were the most popular toys they mentioned) (Cynopsis)

- We’ve heard a fair bit about Millennial burnout at jobs lately (but what about those who leave jobs after several months or a year? Millennials are more likely than previous generations to have a shorter stint at their first job. Of course, not all workers who leave after a short time do so voluntarily. Those who do leave of their own accord may not be less loyal workers. However, they do expect more of their employers in terms of loyalty to them and rewarding their talent than previous generations did) (Forbes)

- Two malls are testing out tracking shoppers using their cell phones (during Black Friday to learn about their shopping patterns — what stores share visitors, how long they linger, etc. While some people are concerned about privacy issues, the mall insists that it is not tracking personal information, but if visitors are uncomfortable, they can turn off their phones. Of course, we all know that isn’t going to happen!) (CNN)

- A new digital textbook distributer called Bookstep (is hoping to help students pay less for the books they need to complete their courses. Its model lets students pay as they go, pay per term, or pay for a year in advance. And it’s all tied to social networking tools, connecting them with study groups working on the same material, lecture videos, and more) (eBookNewser)

- There’s a lot going on in teen girls’ heads (and they spill a lot of it to blogs, writing about everything from friends to boys to fashion to the sports they play. This article from Denise Restauri — who knows a lot about the issues facing teen girls from managing the AllyKatzz site — gives a unique glimpse of what’s on teen girls’ minds, and it turns out they’re having some pretty deep thoughts. Millennials in general, however, are not so deep. They place a great deal of importance on appearance, more so than previous generations. Perhaps an effect of “American Idol,” “Jersey Shore,” and other reality shows that reward the pretty people?) (MediaPost) (MTVSticky)

- And finally to get you into the holiday spirit... (Here’s a look back at some vintage photos of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will take place tomorrow for the 85th time. If fun facts and trivia are more your thing, we’ve got you covered) (Gothamist) (DeckTheHolidays)

- As a reminder, Ypulse will be closed Thursday and Friday as we’ll be busy eating and shopping and enjoying a little break, but we’ll be back on Monday to fill you in on how things went with this holiday shopping season’s official kick off!

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