Ypulse Essentials: Speidi Dolls, 'Digital Cribs,' Millennials Want More TV

Jordin SparksJordin Sparks wishes she would have ‘worded it differently’ (after calling all teen girls who aren’t virgins “sluts” at the VMAs. Plus Heidi and Spencer dolls? Say it isn’t so.) (Entertainment Weekly) (Reality Blurred)

- Cisco ‘borrows’ from MTV (with its new branded webisode series “Digital Cribs”) (Reel Pop)

- Millennials want more of the “telly” (on more devices according to a Motorola survey of youth in Europe and the middle east. Plus highlights from Youth Trends latest top 10 report, guys love “Entourage,” girls love “Grey’s,” that sort of thing)

- InStyle (will be in “Gossip Girl” a lot. Plus vintage clothes all the rage in…China) (WWD)

- The is the ‘self-documentation generation’ (As a result we are seeing drug culture, which used to happen out of sight, documented online like these pot and salvia videos. And according to WebMD, the new teen over-the-counter drug is Snurf pills) (Boston Herald) (L.A. Times, reg. required) (Gawker)

- Microsoft wants kids to have digital i.d.s (for age verification. Plus kids love streaming videos on Disney.com) (Internet News via Izzy Neis) (Variety)

- Speaking of Disney… (they are building a huge youth sports compound in “The Magic Kingdom”) (USA Today)

- Pop Candy’s top teen movies (Whitney continues her list making awesomeness)

P.S. I loved “Privileged” last night. Better than GG or the new “90210” IMHO.


  1. Liz B

    My take on Jordin’s comment was not that she was calling on people who have sex sluts; she was speaking about Russell Brand. And it was an unscripted response to a scripted rant anti-promise ring anti-Jonas brothers rant.

    Could it have been better worded? yes. But I was also bothered by Brand’s humor that was very personal to individuals, and was glad to see someone do something other than cheer and clap. I thought it took guts for her to say something, to a crowd that had cheered his comments.

    I also thought the MTV awards didn’t know what they wanted. Given Brand’s humor, and given the audience for Twilight, Jonas Brothers, and HSM—well. I don’t think the 2 audiences appreciated each other.

  2. anastasia

    Hey Liz B. Thanks for commenting! She did say “cuz not every guy or girl wants to be a slut.” She was reacting to Brand’s rant on promise rings, but even admitted: “I wish I would’ve worded it differently — that somebody who doesn’t wear a promise ring isn’t necessarily a slut — but I can’t take it back now. It was a split-second thing, and it came out kind of wrong. Still, I don’t regret it.”

    We can call it a celebrity “gaffe.”

    Good point about MTV trying to pull in more tweens. It didn’t work with The American Mall, and it may not have really worked with the VMAs either. To me the show just seemed kind of lifeless this year. The crowd was a bunch of industry folks who sat in their chairs and applauded politely. No energy.

  3. Liz B

    I kept watching the show, waiting for it to pick up. I tried. But when they ended up only showing bits of songs—and, as I said, not quite knowing who their audience was—I gave up. But I did first try watching for 2 1/2 hours.

    The audience did look too industry to me, also. I wondered if the Jonas Brothers performed elsewhere because they didn’t want the fans in the audience?

  4. Izzy Neis

    Ugh - I was kinda upset at Nickelodeon for trying to prompt kids on Nick (the cast of iCarly “inviting” kids to watch the VMAs) - and then having adult topics in Russell Brand’s opening (ahem, “self gratification” ahem).  I was disappointed they would slyly pull kids to be viewing audience for content not suitable for U13 tater tots…..

  5. Amy

    Better than GG you say?  I will have to check this out!

  6. Kristen O

    I’m interested in following how this Jonas Bros. phenomenon plays out - it’s a moderately open secret that they’re not all actually virgins - there was some sort of re-virginizing ceremony a short while ago for the older two.

    Are tweens and parents being set up for another britney-style fall, will they end up like hanson - all married young, or is there some other alternative in which they end up normal?  It seems to me that anyone for whom virginity is a selling point ends up unable to live a normal life…

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