Ypulse Essentials: Social Media By The Minute, 'Bully' Gets A Ridiculous R Rating, MTV's New Social Viewing App

Facebook UnfriendIt used to be a little mean to unfriend someone on Facebook (but that’s changed, and more people are managing the connections and content associated with their profiles. We expect the shift has come about because frequent changes in privacy policies make users more aware of who can see their profiles and what they find there. We were also intrigued by these stats about how much people use social media each minute) (TheStreet) (SocialJumpstart)

- We can’t help but wonder what the MPAA was thinking when it gave the documentary ‘Bully’ (an R rating for its “course language.” Now the kids who most need to see the movie — middle schoolers and high schoolers — are technically too young to see it without their parents and schools will have a harder time showing it to classes. In less frustrating movie news, Paramount’s animation division has announced that one of it’s first films following its separation with DreamWorks will be a SpongeBob SquarePants feature which will hit screens in 2014) (EW) (THR)

- MTV is launching a new app, Under The Thumb, that allows users to watch shows (on demand. The app also comes with a social twist so friends can share the shows they’re watching, watch the same shows together, and talk about them as they view. The app is only available in Europe, but hopefully it won’t be long before it makes its way stateside) (TechCrunch)

- Supermarkets are turning their attention to Millennial shoppers (who represent a huge opportunity as they establish their own households. It’s a different kind of messaging than stores use with Boomers; in marketing to Millennials, stores are teaching them cooking skills, providing recipes, and telling them about where products come from. As one supermarket CEO puts it, Millennials “want to be more like their grandparents but they don’t know how”) (Supermarket News)

- Get ready for ‘Teen Mom 3,’ (which MTV announced will draw cast members from the fourth season of “16 and Pregnant.” In other TV news, we heard that Annasophia Robb will get to play young Carrie Bradshaw in The CW’s “Carrie Diaries.” We can’t wait to hear who will snag the role of young Samantha Jones!) (Jezebel) (EW)

- Is Pinterest to online content as Napster was to music? (The popular site is entering questionable copyright territory because it stores copies of the images and videos users pin on its own site, while pinning the responsibility on the user for any copyright violation. It’s not quite like music file sharing, but users should think before they pin. As ReadWriteWeb puts it, if it feels wrong to share a pin, then it probably is) (SocialTimes)

- We’re bummed that the new Cartoon Network theme park (with rides and activities featuring Johnny Bravo, Ben 10, and the Powerpuff Girls will be located in Thailand instead of the U.S. Will it be a bigger draw than Disneyland Shanghai?) (Kidscreen)

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