Ypulse Essentials: Smokey Turns 65, 'Vibe' Folds, UK Kids Chide iBores

newsmokeythebear‘Get Your Smokey On’ (just in time for 4th of July weekend, a new multi-platform campaign celebrates the wildfire prevention spokesbear’s 65th birthday. Plus, an “edgy” PSA about seat belt safety debuts in Iowa) (Cynopsis Kids) (The Des Moines Register)

- ‘Vibe’ folds (after 16 years, the mainstream hip-hop/R&B magazine and site shutters, leaving a gap in the urban market and on newsstands) (MTV News)

- Turner sells ads for specific shows (versus networks, in order to target the young, male demo during guy faves like “Family Guy” and “The Office.” Also a study on “dudes” ages 18 to 34 links recession-era optimism with bravado and a willingness to adapt, i.e. move back home. Meanwhile one Millennial male hopes the downturn will knock some sense into his generation) (Ad Age, reg. required) (MediaPost, reg. required)

- Camp CEO (WSJ’s Market Watch spotlights a Girl Scout camp for career-driven teens. Plus A Curious Summer, a series of exploratory summer workshops for kids from the San Francisco based Studio for Urban Projects) (PSFK)

- Army games (critics protest the army’s controversial high-tech efforts to reach new recruits after lawmakers voice official support ) (National Journal Online)

The year of no drop-outs (marks a notable accomplishment for the experimental high school for at-risk teens in New Jersey. Also USA Today profiles the non-profit org behind the nationwide program) (CBS)

Sasha Fierce for Dereon (Beyonce and her designer mom launch a junior apparel line for back-to-school. Plus HSM star Ashley Tisdale hopes to graduate from the tween market with her new album. Former Disney queen Hillary Duff will guest star on “Gossip Girl.” And the rise of fellow Disney tween queen Demi Lovato) (WWD) (Reuters) (E!)

- Logging on to stop lighting up (The University of Illinois at Chicago leads a $2.9 million National Cancer Institute project to increase demand for internet-based treatment for young adults. Also a study shows that both good and bad characters in films who smoke are an influence on teens) (EurekAlert) (Science Daily)

- Walmart vs. Gen Y (as a Boomer-based brand, Seeking Alpha asks if the superstore has a chance to win over Millennials. And Nike launches “Back Your Block” a grant program to support schools and communities with inspirational youth sports programs) (AdRants)

- Are you an iBore? (more than half of young adults in the UK claim to know someone “obsessed” with their iPhone. Nick’s Addicting Games to launch on the iPhone in July. Plus PULSE, “a software engine” that reads and delivers unedited teen content from IMs, blogs, social networks and chat rooms launches to track the latest trends. Um, feels a tad Big Brother, no?)

P.S. If you’re in the action sports space or just curious, check out this cool conference from our friends at Group Y at the end of July.

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