Ypulse Essentials: Scholastic Gets Teens Reading, Teen Pregnancy Down In U.S., YouTube Gets Original

This Is TeenScholastic debuts This Is Teen (aimed at getting more teens into reading by connecting them with authors and each other via a social network. Here’s a list of 50 books every 11 year old should read. We second putting Treasure Island on the list. In other reading news, the first iPad magazine specifically for kids launches in Italy, and features news stories. Yes, kids might want to read the news…) (The Independent) (Mashable)

- The teen pregnancy rate is down (as more teens are choosing to be abstinent, and fewer sexually active teens are having sex without birth control. Across the pond, the Scout Association in the UK is adding sex education to the scouting program. The program, called “My Body, My Choice,” will address growing trends of teen pregnancy and STD rates) (Salon) (BBC)

- The INQ Cloud Touch (is being called the first official Facebook phone, though it isn’t sanctioned by the social net. Still, the device’s interface is decidedly Facebook-friendly) (All Facebook)

- YouTube follows Netflix (into the realm of original programming, setting a $100 million budget for the project. Look for 10 to 20 hours of programming a week on premium channels including Arts and Sports) (Wall Street Journal, reg required)

- A revamped Grammys will debut (next year, with 30 fewer categories, and men and women going head to head in categories like pop, country, and R&B vocals. In other music news, rumors of a streaming music service from Google may turn out to be true, according to these photos) (Yahoo) (Mashable)

- Justin Bieber seems to have flipped his stance (on “evil” America, donning an American flag printed, um…well, uh… What is that ridiculous thing you’re wearing Justin? Whatever it is, I’m sure his American fans had already forgiven him) (PopEater)

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