Ypulse Essentials: Netflix Available On iPhone, Myth-Busting How To Reach Teens, Millennial Fashionistas Set Fall Trends

Your Netflix queue is now available for streaming on your iPhone (and Netflix predicts that their DVD by mail service will peak in 2013 as more of their customers embrace multiple devices. Speaking of, check out this viewpoint on the best way to reach the internet generation, which argues that getting it right doesn’t necessarily mean buying into “traditional is dead”) (Gigaom) (Mediapost reg. required)

- A small group of young women have greater influence over fashion trends (as reported by the New York Times, reg. required. Sites like Shopbop, an online retailer, and Polyvore, where users play editor-slash-stylist, are setting the trends for fall fashion. While these sites haven’t kicked traditional store buyers out of the fashion tents, they definitely are changing the game)

- Young men have a more positive outlook (than their female counter parts and might be more willing to spend money, despite the surveys results that 45% of 18-34 year-old men are still living at home) (Bizreport)

- Cartoon Network will premier two new 15-minute animated series next month (one show based on MAD magazine and the other and original series titled “Regular Show.” MAD features many the same irreverence from the magazine; while the original series brings mash-up parodies to life including, CSiCarly, Avaturds and Toys4Brats) (Cynopsis: Kids!)

- Skipping class just got a lot harder (for students of the New Canaan Public School system which is beginning to experiment with radio frequency identification tags (RFID)  to track students, faculty, and valuable equipment. Not surprisingly,  many students and teachers have objected, viewing it as an invasion of privacy. In response, the experiment will likely be opt-in) (PSFK)

- The next “it boy” in indie/urban lit: Tao Lin? (According to Salon, Lin’s writing perfectly captures the aimless malaise of the Y generation while his guerrilla-style marketing has made him a bit of a Web phenomenon)

- Kidz Bop and publisher Adams Media have partnered to launch a young adult book line (based on the Kidz Bop music brand.  Targeted to kids between the ages of 5-12, the books will feature both fiction and nonfiction titles, and each Kidz Bop book will come with a special code that can be entered to redeem a free mp3 music download) (Cynopsis: Kids!)

- In case you missed our previous  Mockingjay coverage (check out these haikus from fans who submitted their poems to win a copy of the book and an iPod Touch) (NYMag)

- Taylor Swift’s new “Mine” video premiers Friday (at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard time on MTV. Roman White — who also worked with Swift on “You Belong With Me” — says this latest collaboration shows a more grown-up side to the singer) (MTV)

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