Ypulse Essentials: PTC Slams 'Glee' GQ Photos, Teen Birth Rates Drop, Millennials In China

GQ ‘Glee’ photos under fire (The Parents Television Council takes issue with the risqué “Glee Gone Wild!” photo spread for sexualizing the twenty-something actresses who play high school-aged characters. Not sure we follow all of the logic there, but this articulate apology posted by actress Dianna Argon for all those offended was a classy move. Meanwhile, former PTC target CW takes a cue from FOX with plans to develop a teen musical dramedy that takes place at summer camp. And EW has the first trailer for the MTV remake of British teen soap “Skins.” It’s NSFW) (WSJ)  (THR)

- The hunt for a new ‘Buffy’ continues (Also on the future CW slate, two supernatural-tinged projects involving female heroines and several Buffy/Angel veterans. And the team behind Gossip Girl is developing a series for Michelle Trachtenberg, best known for playing resident GG villain Georgina Sparks) (WSJ) (New York Magazine)

- Parents want to connect with teachers online (According to a poll from YouGov, one in five parents in Glasgow want to be able to contact their child’s teachers through social networking sites like Facebook, while two-thirds would be open to emailing. Curious to know whether the latter is already happening in some pockets) (Derek Baird)

- Teen birth rates drop, vary by state (A recent CDC study finds highest teenage birthrates in the U.S. are clustered in Southern states and the lowest in the Northeast and the upper Midwest. Atlanta Journal-Constitution considers what makes the difference) (Los Angeles Times)

- ‘9 Myths You Thought Were True’ (What marketers should know about teen texting preferences, smartphone adoption and word of mouth) (MediaPost, reg. required)

- Dakota Fanning in talks for ‘If I Stay’ (I can totally see her pulling it off though I’m not sold on this “supernatural” label. Meanwhile, the trailer for “Scream 4” premiered appropriately enough at Spike TV’s Scream Awards) (EW)

- ‘Sweet Valley Confidential’ (The cover of the upcoming SVH sequel revealed) (Bookshelves of Doom)

- What ‘Social Network’ got right (Programmers say the zeitgeist around tech innovation did resonate, even if the hardcore partying was off base. I got a similar impression) (Jezebel)

- Millennials in China (are all about optimism. Ad Age , reg. required, reports the attitude is buoyed with the help of positive spins on the news produced by state-influenced media along with uplifting advertising) (Ad Age, reg required)

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