Ypulse Essentials: Obama's BTS Speech, Palm's Pixi, iJustine On MTV

obamaschoolspeech2460x276Work hard, stay in school and follow your dreams (were the main messages in Obama’s Back-to-School speech, easing critics’ concerns about pushing a political agenda. Also President Obama uses his own youthful “mistakes” in advice to teens about online privacy) (AP) (Reuters)

- ‘Melrose Place’ moves in (next door to “90210” on the CW’s Tuesday lineup and the ratings are off to a sluggish start.  Also Jennifer Waits blogs about her feelings on the return of the 90s primetime soap)(Youthcultopia)

- Palm launches Pixi (the first smartphone designed for teens. Look for our thoughts tomorrow. Also will Microsoft Office 2010 glue the generation gap at the office?) (USA Today) (itwire)

- Frontline relaunches Digital Nation (on the PBS site. Also the MacArthur Foundation relaunches Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning promising more frequent updates.)

- Abercrombie & Fitch fined for discrimination (against a disabled customer after refusing to let a teen help her autistic sister try on clothes. The hefty penalty of $115,264 was determined by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights) (The Star Tribune)

- ‘The techno-loner generation’? (more on Gen Y losing the ability to read nonverbal cues. I’m not a fan of the moniker, but the relationship-building tips are worth a look. Plus profiles of the teen bloggers who “took over the web”) (Huffington Post) (The Guardian)

- iJustine lands MTV gig (hosting Twitter segments for the VMAs. Also TV Guide picks up exclusive cable rights to Punk’d. Plus Lifetime develops a TV movie inspired by the teens who made a pregnancy pact) (Silicon Valley Insider) (Variety)

- Bans on tween sleepovers (a new generation of parents takes a more protective stance on the ritual) (Hartford Courant)

- Study finds young single adults (less likely to use condoms than teens in Canada. Plus a  teen in Utah lobbies for broader sex ed in schools—thanks, KooDooz) (Calgary Herald) (Salt Lake Tribune)

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