Ypulse Essentials: Nintendo's Network, Few Tweens Wear Sunscreen, Ferris Bueller Is Back

Gamers rejoice! Nintendo is finally launching a digital network for the 3DS and Wii U (which sounds similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation’s Network in that users can have a personal account to connect with other services, participate in competitions, and interact with other players. It’s about time Nintendo! In other gaming news, board games may seem obsolete, but they’re making a comeback as they get a digital update online, via apps, or in video game form. Who’s ready for game night?) (USA Today) (Fast Company)

- We’re a little alarmed that only a quarter of tweens wear sunscreen regularly (according to a new study from Stephen Dusza, a researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. What’s more, sunscreen use declines sharply from fifth to eighth grade while interest in tanning — particularly among girls — rises. In fact, 40% of eighth graders associate “getting color” with being healthy. Maybe it’s time to stop watching “Jersey Shore” and start learning more about skincare!) (CBS News)

- With the Superbowl quickly approaching, the Internet has been buzzing about the ads we’ll soon see (many of which are Millennial centric, especially Matthew Broderick’s highly-anticipated commercial in which he’ll reprise his role as Ferris Bueller! We’re not sure what he’ll be sponsoring, but the teaser clip has already gone viral. If Bueller isn’t your thing, check out this comical ad for Audi playing on the vampire obsessed culture we live in; seriously, the cars’ headlights are a vampire slayer! But the cutest campaign of all is Coca-Cola’s where its infamous polar bears will react to the game and ads in real time. They’ll chill on their snowfa watching the game and provide commentary via TV ads, Facebook, Twitter, and on CokePolarBowl. And don’t worry, the bears will evenly cheer on the Giants and Patriots!) (Washington Post) (AdAge) (Mashable) (Adweek)

Google Music is now allowing users to download the songs they have stored in the cloud onto multiple computers (when they sign into their account. They can even download their WHOLE library! Users are probably doing the happy dance right now, but we wonder how long this will last, because record companies are sure to complain about this latest development because it makes music sharing way too easy. We’re giving it until Monday until someone freaks out) (MSNBC)

- Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, Smurfette, and other cartoon characters are beauty icons who’ve inspired make-up collections that are not only popular among young girls (but among twenty and thirty-somethings too. These famous fictional figures brought into the beauty world by brands like MAC and Too Faced evoke nostalgia and allow woman to feel youthful and powerful. These collections are enormously popular, suggesting that you’re never too old to watch cartoons, or in this case, get style inspiration from them. In other fashion related news, loungewear, casual clothes, and yes, even sweatpants and pajamas are favored among tween and teen girls, who like the layered and effortless look, even though they’re still putting a lot of thought into their outfits. The clothes aren’t too tight or too short, which have been problems in the past, but now some adults think this style trend looks messy) (NY Times) (WSJ)

- If you loved the talking birds in Disney’s ‘Rio,’ then get ready for more of them since a sequel is on the horizon (which would tie in with the World Cup in Brazil. Unfortunately that means we have to wait a while though. In other movie news, Selena Gomez has nabbed the role of Lennie in the movie adaption of “The Sky is Everywhere.” See, we told you that Selena — one of our Millennial Women of 2011 — would be someone to watch in 2012) (Vulture) (JustJaredJr)

- And now for a little Friday fun… (Millennials loved catching President Obama crooning a few bars from Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”! But if they had the opportunity to do a little karaoke with him, they’d want to sing something by LMFAO! Party Rock Anthem anyone?) (MTV)

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