Ypulse Essentials: Nicktoons Turns 20,'Breaking Dawn' Stills, KidZui Creates A Children's Search Enginge

Happy Birthday, Nicktoons! (Twenty years ago, Nickelodeon debuted “Doug,” “Rugrats,” and “Ren & Stimpy” – the very first Nicktoons, which revolutionized children’s TV! Thankfully “Doug” is currently part of the network’s The 90s Are All That block, but we miss the other beloved programs! Animation has changed a lot over the years and you can expect it to continue to adapt thanks to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research. They’ve teamed up to build 3D face models, which will give characters improved facial expressions) (Nickandmore) (Kidscreen)

Twihards rejoice! (New stills from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1” are here and trust us, you’ll want to see them. We can hardly wait for the movie to come out this fall! Speaking of excitement, we’re even more eager for “The Hunger Games” after seeing a new still of Gale at The Reaping. And in other entertainment news, two new characters have been cast for “Glee” Season 3...“Friday Night Lights”‘s LaMarcus Tinker will play Mercedes’s boyfriend and Vanessa Lengies of “American Dreams” will play Sugar, a mean girl who can’t carry a tune) (Entertainment Weekly) (MTV) (JustJaredJr)

- Kids are taking over the digital space (which is why KidZui launched a kid-friendly search engine called Zui.com. The site features a user-friendly design and age-appropriate YouTube videos, games, images, and suggestions for similar search terms. Zui.com is also Facebook-compatible so kids can share content with their parents if they’re on the social network. Apparently babies need tablets too, which is why tech company Vinci is releasing a device for children zero to four years old. It includes games, story books, and music videos that are designed to teach kids basic language, cognition, and motor skills. We’re not sure what newborn uses a tablet…but we hope it’s indestructible! Plus the device is a whopping $389 or $479 depending on the version, and doesn’t have WiFi or 3G connectivity since those features can be harmful to infants) (TechCrunch) (CNN)

MTV announced a second O Music Awards (to celebrate digital innovation, and this time, online fans can decide the categories. Given the fast pace of the online music world, they hope to have the award show even more frequently in the future! Speaking of music, Ryan Seacrest announced an exciting partnernship with GetGlue in which listeners of his radio show can check in and get exclusive stickers. This is the first time GetGlue is teaming up with a radio program, and it marks a major push for the medium) (Yahoo) (The Hollywood Reporter)

- Bullying is a constant problem for today’s teens (as YouTube sensation Rebecca Black can attest. The “Friday” star dropped out of middle school because she was continuously teased by her peers when the video went viral. Fortunately she has a lot of supporters; her follow up song “My Moment” —  about her quick rise to fame — is now at 22 million streams and Rebecca rocked it last night on “America’s Got Talent”) (NYDailyNews)

- We’re loving Joe Jonas’s new single ‘Love Slayer’ (and the equally cool contest where fans can create a remix of his track. The winner will receive $2,500, have their version featured on Cambio, and may even get an official Joe Jonas release on Hollywood Records!  If this single is any indication of Joe’s success as a solo artist than we’re really excited!  Speaking of awesome new music videos, check out Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly” video which is just like being at one of her concerts; it features show footage, adoring fans, impressive stage set ups, and the country star in several sparkly dresses!) (Billboard) (MSN)

About 24% of American teens report that they’re victims of digital relationship abuse from a boyfriend or girlfriend (and more than 50% know someone who’s been victimized. That’s why Liz Claiborne Inc. launched the Love is Not Abuse campaign and the Love is Not Abuse iPhone app to help parents learn the warning signs and talk to their teens about digital abuse. We like the idea behind this initiative, but the app’s “Digital Dating Abuse Simulator” seems kinda creepy) (Mashable)

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