Ypulse Essentials: New Online Style Series, Millennials And Newspapers, Target Drops Kindle

Nina Garcia Gets A Style Series On AOLNina Garcia — of Marie Claire and "Project Runway" fame — is getting her own video series (on AOL where she'll advise women on how to add a little "swag, thrill, and mojo" to their look. Big names in fashion getting their own online style series seems to be a new trend — Rebecca Minkoff is also getting her own series with Yahoo! in which she guides gals through a three-step "virtual makeover," resulting in a new profile picture. Sign us up! In other style news, the latest additions to Undercover's collection for Uniqlo — aka UU — feature classic characters from Disney films. Snow White's dwarfs and Mickey Mouse have never looked so artsy and mature) (FMM) (WWD, reg required) (Hypebeast)

A clever, skeptical intern in NPR's research department wondered if 22% of 18-24 year olds are really reading newspapers (as Pew's State of the News Media report suggests. Digging deeper she found they really are. Our take? There are some business students who read papers frequently, but the others are most likely picking up their school newspaper or the free weeklies distributed around campus) (Poynter)

Amazon's line of Kindles have sold well at Target, but the retailer is going to stop carrying them (due to a mysterious "conflict of interest," which may have something to do with the deal Apple struck to incorporate mini Apple stores within the Target stores. Speaking of Amazon, it's developing its first original kids' series. The digital giant is accepting proposals for series that could potentially be distributed through its Amazon Instant Video platform) (TheVerge) (Kidscreen)

Walmart has partnered with Marvel to create an AR Avengers app (that allows shoppers to assemble the team of superheroes as they stroll the aisles of the store, unlocking superpowers to ultimately save the world. Along with the game, the app also allows shoppers to interact with store signage and displays to take their picture with their favorite member of the Avengers)

This year's Doodle 4 Google contest has kids imagining where, er, when they'd go (if they could travel in time. You can vote for your favorite here, and also check out the themes that captured kids' imaginations, like space colonies, prehistoric times, and the evolution of media) (LA Times)

Pandora's success in drawing a large audience of listeners (has other Internet music services clamoring to copy its model, but the original is running into some issues — like the fact that its never managed to turn a profit) (NY Times, reg required)

In international youth news, young people in Arab countries are more interested in fair wages and affordable homes (than living in a democracy, according to a recent survey following the Arab Spring uprisings. We find the study fascinating, including Arab youth's growing interest in news coverage, their optimism for the future, and the countries that they look to as model nations — UAE and France) (Khaleej Times)

MTV Tr3s's new blog, Insight Tr3s, is a great place to learn about young Hispanics (and the influence they're having on Millennial culture. Speaking of which, you can hear from MTV Tr3s and other experts on how they're reaching this key audience during the Hispanic One Day Intensive next week at the Millennial Mega Mashup)

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