Ypulse Essentials: Millennializing Careers, TED-Ed Videos For Schools, Why Electronic Dance Music Is Hot

MTV Sticky takes a look at Millennials in the working world (including their attitudes towards mentors, trying and failing, and loving their jobs. Speaking of jobs, NYC Uncubed isn’t your typical career fair. There’s cocktails, a casual dress code, music, and lounge spaces for potential employees and employers to enjoy. With the blurring of work and personal lives, this new approach is more in line with Millennials’ attitudes toward job hunting) (AMNY)

The new TED-Ed platform hopes to provide teachers with educational resources (while also offering students practical, real-world knowledge. The initiative is a hub of videos, quizzes, and supplemental resources that teachers can use to engage students. Teachers can sort through videos by traditional education topics — arts, health, etc. — or non-traditional topics — pursuit of happiness, inventions that shaped history, etc.) (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Electronic dance music is a full-force trend that Millennials love(because it lets them feel so connected while they get down. At the Ultra Music Festival, which is devoted to electronica, one attendee said “All differences fall away when the beat drops and everyone is dancing.” For Gen Y, it’s all about the shared experience) (MTV via@MTV Insights)

Facebook is taking cyberbullying seriously (adding a new support dashboard in response to user feedback. Now users can track any complaints they’ve made and see how issues are being handled and resolved, giving some control back to people who feel they’ve been bullied online) (TechCrunch)

Men In Black III is already touching on a few cultural hot buttons(including the retro, 60s thing and spacemen, but now it’s adding Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga into the mix. They’ll both be playing aliens in the upcoming film, and in Gaga’s case, we have to say, “it’s not much of a disguise.” Maybelline is also taking advantage of a cultural moment, using the creator of “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” in its latest ad campaign that also features designer Betsey Johnson and Real Housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin gossiping about the new face of the makeup line) (E!) (PSFK)

We’ve been laughing at TextInstagram (a twitter account that “creates” perfect Instagram photos with words…like “Blurry photo of three hot chicks you’ll never date,” “Tilt-shift fortune cookie,” and “Airplane wing as viewed from two seats back.” The man behind the curtain, Josh Helfferich, clearly knows a cliche when he sees one) (Mashable)

While most Millennials were raised in a particular faith, many are leaving religion behind (for a variety of reasons. In particular, they view some religions as being judgmental and anti-gay. They’re unlikely to begin practicing a religion again if their churches fail to adapt to their progressive, open-minded beliefs they’ve fought for in society) (WaPo)

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