Ypulse Essentials: Metromix L.A., We're All Number One!, 'Lily Allen & Friends' Flops

caffeinated candyHopped up on candy (it used to be just the sugar, now its caffeine to compete with energy drinks. This doesn’t seem like a good thing) (WSJ)

- Metromix to launch in L.A. (Tribune’s free weekly aimed at the Millennial set to launch a print version in Los Angeles—it’s already popular in Chicago) (AdAge.com, reg. required)

- More tips on working with Yers (from AdAge.com, reg. required. Plus London twentysomethings are “boomeranging” too. And Mother Jones has a funny chart about over-inflated self esteem titled “We’re all number one!”)

- Kim Kardashian (to star in the latest Bongo campaign. Paris Hilton paved the way for going from socialite to reality star to endorser of product…I wonder who will be next?) (press release)

- Branded entertainment keeps growing (and growing, especially for brands targeting Gen Y) (AdAge.com, reg. required)

- Disturbing (PSA campaign designed to prevent statutory rape just feels creepy - thanks Rachel!) (Copyranter)

- ‘Yo Gabba’ everything (big licensing deal means lots of product coming in 2008) (press release)

- ‘Lily Allen & Friends’ flops (“not even Lily Allen could rescue the BBC’s latest attempt to lure the “youth” market” - ouch.) (UK Times)


  1. Izzy Neis

    I’ve been using MetroMix LA for a while now.  Can’t tell you how happy I was to have it follow me west, from Chicago.  Lurve it!


  2. Shaping Youth

    Ironically…I’m working on a post for Shaping Youth about the ‘cranked up candy’ bit right now!

    Wanted to also forward you a link I added to the Hershey/dime bag blunder of powdered ‘ice’ http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=1065
    get this…a new “Blow” energy drink that comes with a credit card and mirror…yah.

    Wish I were kidding. Did you write about this and I missed it?

    It’s really surreal how corporate marcom divisions think this is wry/witty sans “blowback” on a younger ‘target market’...



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