Ypulse Essentials: Macy's Courts Millennials, 'Hunger Games' Fans Are Hungry For Merch, Myths Of The Millennial Workforce

mstylelabMacy’s wants to be the department store for Millennials (and it’s hoping to make that happen through a series of initiatives it’s launching over the next three years to bring its Impulse and mstylelab departments in line with Millennial expectations. Leveraging the research Ypulse does with Macy’s, they’ve identified four customer lifestyle profiles, developing new brands, building mobile and digital initiatives, and realigning its internal structure to compete with fast-fashion retailers like Zara and H&M) (WWD)

- While the average ‘Hunger Games’ fan would settle for a mockingjay pin or a bottle of themed nail polish (there are the rabid fans who can’t get enough of the tie-in merch for the movie and books. They can special order crossbows and ear buds. We can’t wait to see what they roll out for the next films in the series. Common Sense Media is conducting a “Hunger Games” review contest to get the real opinions of youthful moviegoers) (LA Times)

- It’s no secret that Millennials and older generations don’t always see eye to eye (in the workplace, but that has a lot to do with misconceptions about Millennials. For example, while Boomers think they act entitled, Millennials are actually more likely than older generations to defer to authority. Hiring Millennials may not be very easy either, as 92% of students admit to lying on their resumes, but they’re more honest on their LinkedIn profiles because they’re more public) (Strategy + Business) (PR Daily)

- Is hipster culture on the way out? If so, what’s next? (Experts weigh in with their predictions — and counter-predictions — while mulling over the Millennial mindset. While most of the experts say it’s impossible to predict what will come next, they agree that the Internet has made youth culture more fragmented…and that the next subculture will not likely reject technology) (Flavorwire)

- Starbucks is branching out — not with new stores, but with new drink options (including its energy drink just launched today, following on the heels of its new juice bar concept. Both new choices will appeal to Millennials. Look out Coke and Pepsi, sodas may be next!) (PSFK)

- Tweens have grown up during the resurgence of crafting and the rise of the DIY mentality (so it follows that they’d graduate to more sophisticated arts like sewing, and putting their own punk style into their garments. This isn’t your grandmother’s version of the hobby. And sewing companies are responding to their new consumers’ unique mindsets by incorporating a more techie twist) (BoingBoing)

- Get ready for ‘Epic Mickey’ the sequel (which will include characters that break into song, including a few original tunes for the game that features the world’s most famous mouse. The sequel puts Mickey back in the slightly twisted setting of Wasteland, amid forgotten characters and theme park rides. The game also adds a co-play element featuring a lesser known Disney character, Oswald the rabbit, who preceded Mickey) (Yahoo!)

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