Ypulse Essentials: Listen With Your Facebook Friends, Millennials & Marriage, Gen Y Ditches Logos

We’re excited about Facebook’s new feature, “Listen With,” that — logically — lets users listen to music with friends and experience songs simultaneously (even if they’re not together. Users can become DJs via a chatroom and play music they’re streaming on sites like Spotify and Rdio. We bet this feature, which is similar to Turntable.fm will be a big hit among Millennials since they always want to be connected to their friends and to music. Speaking of music, tune in to Kidz Bop Block Party!, a two-hour weekly radio show premiering tonight on SiriusXM, where kids can pick the weekly playlist and segments, chat with celebrities, and more. They can even leave shout outs online at Kidzbop.com and listen in to hear their voices on the radio. Think radio by kids for kids!) (Mashable) (TechCrunch) (Yahoo)

- Millennials aren’t as focused on marriage as previous generations (with many putting it off until later so they can first devote time to themselves and their career. Moreover, nearly 60% of Gen Y women think living together is a sufficient relationship status, even if they have kids with someone. That’s not to say Millennials are abandoning the idea of marriage, but they aren’t prioritizing it as much, especially not right away) (Forbes)

- Millennials are going back to the basics in terms of their fashion preferences (opting for quality items sans logos rather than trendy, flashy clothes. They can still show off their style, but are less interested in broadcasting the brands they’re wearing, preferring simple and classic styles instead. In other Millennial fashion news, “Glee”’s Lea Michele is the new face of Candie’s replacing Vanessa Hudgens in this sweet gig) (MediaPost) (E! Online)

- Happy Friday the 13th! Mattel’s Monster High is celebrating this spooky date all year long (with special reveals planned for the three times Friday the 13th occurs this year. First up, a teaser trailer for an hour-long special which will air February 13th on Nick. In addition to two more specials, Monster High is also releasing content and activities on its Freaky Fab 13 site on the 13th of every month) (Kidscreen)

- We imagine a lot of Millennials will be writing in Colberts’ name on their ballots now that he’s jokingly entered the GOP primary (in South Carolina. After all, he’s definitely someone Millennials turn to and trust in the political arena. We wonder what he’ll do if he wins!) (Slate)

- Hungry for more ‘Hunger Games’ news? As we approach the film’s release (we’re seeing more and more interactive marketing that’s boosting our excitement. Besides the cool viral game TheCapitol.pn where users get messages from the Capital and can share content with fellow fans, there’s also CapitolCouture.pn, an official Hunger Games Tumblr that Lionsgate just launched. The site is pretty bare now, but it appears to be an online fashion magazine devoted to the costumes in the movie. Use the password #lookyourbest to see Effie Trinket’s style so far and check out the newest promo picture from the film. Can it be March 23rd yet?) (NextMovie) (MTV) (Hollywood Life)

- MTV has changed a lot over the years, but four of the original veejays are recounting the network’s history in an upcoming book (about the channel’s formation, how they shaped the culture of music television, and more. In other TV news, the CW has ordered 10 episodes of what sounds like a hilarious new show about musical chairs for adults — yup, you read that right. The program, called “Oh Sit!,” will feature contestants competing in obstacle courses before racing for a chair. We wouldn’t call it quality programming, but it sounds entertaining nonetheless) (Hollywood Reporter) (Entertainment Weekly)

- And finally for a little Friday fun… (Check out this impressive wedding dance to Justin Bieber’s “Baby!” See, even adults are experiencing the Bieber Fever epidemic, which we doubt will be cured anytime soon) (Vulture)

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