Ypulse Essentials: Lady Gaga's Social Network, The Tween Dating Scene, Social Entrepreneurialism

LittleMonsters.comAs if we need more social networks to follow, Lady Gaga (has just unveiled LittleMonsters.com her very own social site that’s all about her and her fans. If you haven’t received your invite yet, here’s a tour to fill you in on what you’re missing…or not. The site definitely has a very Pinterest-like feel that is pervading current Web design. So what do you think, does Gaga’s net have a chance?) (Hypable) (Mashable)

- The tween dating scene — yes, there is one — is less about seeing each other face to face (and more about talking online and via text. Even if they go to the same school, they might talk for five minutes in the hallways, but trade hundreds of text messages day and night. When they do go out together, it’s usually with groups of friends) (WSJ, reg required)

- We hear the word ‘entrepreneur’ used nearly as often as ‘entitiled’ (to describe the Millennial generation. And with their values of social and global responsibility, they’re using their entrepreneurial skills for good. And it’s not just older Millennials who are getting involved; teens are doing their part too, leveraging their social media and technology skills) (HuffPo) (Differences)

- Millennials who are members of Amazon Prime (will soon have access to shows from many of their favorite networks, including MTV, Nickeodeon, Spike, and more, thanks to a new deal between the online retailer and Viacom. Viacom, which owns Paramount, is also giving Prime members access to movies, which makes Amazon’s collection of streaming content quite impressive...but is it enough to lure Netflix users?) (Publishers Weekly) (Reuters)

- Barbie is opening the sparkly pink doors to her dream closet (just in time for Toy Fair and Fashion Week. The expansive “closet” features several fashion vignettes and augmented reality mirrors that let fans digitally try on Barbie’s most iconic outfits. Also launching this weekend is a new site, BarbieWow.com, which allows users who can’t get to fashion week to experience Barbie’s dream closet online and buy items from a new branded apparel line) (MarketWatch)

- We’re used to hearing about books being adapted to other media (but this is the first time we’ve heard about an online role-playing game being adapted to a book! “Risen” features a mythical world of pirates and titans, and will be released in book form this spring by Penguin Children’s, timed to coincide with “Risen 2: Dark Waters,” the sequel game) (Kidscreen)

- We had to share this video of Holly Laurent’s remake of Lana Del Ray’s (“Video Games” as “Hunger Games.” The instagram-styled video and Laurent’s moody delivery is once again stirring our excitement for the forthcoming movie) (Flavorwire)

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