Ypulse Essentials: Kiva Extends To Student Loans, 'Glee' Effect On High School Choirs, KFC Double Down Girls

Kiva extends to students ( The peer-to-peer microloan site is expanding its scope with a student loan program for students in developing countries. Plus, Dan Savage is creating a YouTube channel to help gay teens who face adversity, discrimination and bullying in high school) (Mashable)

- ‘Community’ will debut a ‘Twittersode’ (just prior to the sitcom’s return on Thursday evening. The show’s characters will communicate back and forth in a “prequel” scene. Also the “Glee” effect on real high school choirs seems like an inevitable consequence) (EW) (Salon, day pass required)

- KFC hires Double Down Girls (In an attempt to target hungry guys on campus, the brand is recruiting college girls to walk around wearing sweatpants that bear the “Double Down” logo on the butt. Ugh. Meanwhile, in an effort to appeal to younger, hipper consumers, Budweiser will give away free beers across the country on September 29) (MTV) (USA Today)

- AOL teams with J-Schools (to launch Patch U a program where students will be able to work for its Patch Media hyper-local network of news websites in exchange for college credits) (USA Today)

- Fender launches Girl Nation (a program designed to inspire young women to “rock” at whatever they do. Also, the new OK GO video has already been seen more than 2 million times. And the peer-to-peer music from my youth, Napster [now owned by Best Buy] comes to the app market for iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch) (MediaPost, reg. required) (NME) (ReadWriteWeb)

- Why ‘Hunger Games’ is not the new ‘Twilight’ (My sentiments exactly. And check out the trailer for ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ It’s the the story of Romeo and Juliet, but with gnomes) (via Pop Candy)

- Pregnancy clinics in schools (a government proposal in the UK to help young mothers access prenatal care. Also a recent survey shows quality time counts with teens who don’t eat dinner with families found more likely to abuse drugs) (Guardian) (WebMD)

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