Ypulse Essentials: Kids' Choice Awards Winners, Teen Retail Revival, MTV On The iPad

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‘Twilight’ loses out to ‘Squeakquel’ (for “Best Movie” win at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Meanwhile behind the scenes tension brews over Nick edging Disney stars out of the spotlight. And execs from both sides agree tween boys’ tastes are shifting towards relationship-driven shows) (Los Angles Times)

- Will health care reform (postpone independence for Millennials who stay on their parents’ insurance plans? Also a new generation learns the potential pitfalls of marrying young) (Washington Post) (Daily Mail)

- Teen retail revival (two consecutive months of strong sales from teen shoppers brings cause for celebration for many. American Apparel is the notable exception. Plus the YouTube phenomenon of “hauls” where teen girls showcase their recent purchases to an online audience) (Los Angeles Times) (New York Post) (Slate)

- H&M flash mob (sponsored by Mr. Youth gets props for making marketing sense. Elsewhere the sporadic social experiments are raising some public safety concern. Plus Gawker on this weekend’s Philly flash mob hysteria...caused by a breakdancing crew, not “social media.”) (Agency Spy) (Inventor Spot)

- Social media risks (pay off for Skittles after all. See Youth Advisory Board Member Libby’s critique on the recent overhaul. Also Scion debuts a new mini-series of webisodes. And more from Youth Trends’ Josh Weil on Foursquare as the next big thing in the youth market) (Clickz) (Gerson Lehrman Group)

- ‘Bleep My Dad Says’ (the working title for CBS’ upcoming twitcom will start testing with audiences. Plus Levi Johnston pitches his own Alaska-based reality show. Sigh)  (New York Times, reg. required) (Radar)

- Not everyone will bemoan the death of J-Schools (Plus biases around girls and math impede the success of women in STEM fields) (Gawker) (San Francisco Chronicle)

- ‘Dragon’ slays Alice (at the box office.) (THR)

- MTV on the iPad (with “interactive, social apps designed to be used while watching live programming.” Apps for “Beavis and Butt-Head,” “MTV News” and “VH1 To Go” are all due in April. Plus a quarter of UK internet users aged 8 to 12 years-old are on social networking sites intended for those 13 and over) (Ad Age, reg. required) (IAB)

- Watchdog group calls for Ronald McDonald to retire (the org responding for ousting Joe Camel, says McDonald’s mascot has a negative influence on kids) (Chicago Breaking Business)

Correction: In Friday’s Ypulse newsletter we referred to Victoria Justice as Victoria Jackson. Oops!

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