Ypulse Essentials: 'Jersey Shore' Is The Most Social Show Ever, Facebook Messenger App, Payless Launches Brash

Jersey ShoreClearly Snookie, the Situation, and the rest of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast are, um, social creatures (but so are their show’s viewers. The premiere episode of season four broke all kinds of social viewing records, including the number of comments posted during a show. In other TV news, the winner of the spinoff series, “Project Runway All-Stars,” will get his or her collection featured in Marie Claire and serve as guest editor of the magazine issue. Also, get ready for a TV series based on “The Nanny Diaries.” Yeah, we were a little worried, too, until we learned that “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino would be at the helm and the series will draw on the book and ignore that awful 2007 film) (SocialTimes) (People) (AV Club)

- People who complain that MTV doesn’t care about music anymore (might have to find something else to whine about. Not long after restarting “120 Minutes,” the network is launching “Weird Vibes,” a new, exclusively indie music video show that looks completely awesome thanks to former New York Noise producer Shirley Braha…though that trailer does remind us a lot of the intro to “Saved By The Bell”, but with better music. If that’s not enough 90s-inspired pop culture for you, here’s a look at Jaleel White — aka Urkel — in Cee Lo Green’s video for “Cry Baby.” We’re starting to wonder if we’ll ever see the end of all this 90s nostalgia…) (Daily Swarm) (YouTube) (HuffPo)

- Facebook has been fiddling around with its messaging services (for the past year — and driving some of its users crazy with the ever-changing interface — but today it rolled out a stand alone messaging app for iPhone and Android. Speaking of Facebook, marketing on the site can seem a little daunting. If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you going) (Tech Crunch) (Ad Age)

- Payless is getting ‘edgy’ with its new Brash line (aimed at girls aged 13-20 who want a “tough-but-girly” look. Feather earrings, cross-body bags, cuffed boots, and lipgloss…sounds more hipster than edgy to us!) (Kansas City Star)

- Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Hot Wheels go together like (racing stripes on a Trans-Am, so it makes perfect sense that the NASCAR driver would design a line of toys and apparel for the Mattel brand. The line will feature a car called the Hammerhead, after the driver’s childhood nickname, and will be exclusively carried at Walmart. American Girl introduced not one, but two new dolls this year; Cécile Ray and Marie-Grace Gardner hail from New Orleans in 1853 during a yellow fever epidemic. Over in Barbie’s world, Architect Barbie finally gets her dream house...and we’re incredibly jealous of her awesome new pad) (Kidscreen) (Madison) (Flavorwire)

- And finally, for a laugh (check out “16 And Well-Adjusted,” cuz being the only not-pregnant 16 year old in school is so difficult!) (NY Mag)

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