Ypulse Essentials: iPhone 4s Is Custom-Made For Millennials, YouTube Goes Pro, Social Music Sites

iPhone 4sIf you’re too busy to follow the coverage of the iPhone event (that was everywhere today, we’ve got your roundup of the highlights right here. No, there’s no iPhone 5 — yet! And while some are complaining about that, we think that the 4s has several features that will appeal to Millennials, including a faster, more readily accessible camera, BBM and Twitter integrations, and a talk-to-text function called Siri. That last feature might just be the answer to Millennial driver woes; they hate being out of touch while behind the wheel, and Siri lets them text hands-free. It’s as if the phone were custom-made for Millennials, who are clamoring for smarter smartphones) (Engadget) (Ars Technica) (Gizmodo)

- YouTube used to be the source for non-professional video (but the “network” — is it time to start calling it that? — is going pro thanks to a slew of deals in the works with media companies including FremantleMedia [producers of “X Factor”], ShineReveille [producers of “Ugly Betty”], Verso Entertainment [sports], and more. Even Tony Hawk is signing his name on the bottom line to get a crack at YouTube’s substantial audience. Speaking of streaming video, Paramount is bypassing Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and the rest, bringing “Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon” directly to consumers through its own site. The studio has said this is just an experiment to see what happens, and at $3.99 for a standard stream and $4.99 for an HD stream, it’s pretty low risk for consumers to give it a try) (WSJ, reg required) (AllThingsD)

- Social music sites are making headlines this week with MySpace courting advertisers and revealing its plans to revitalize the site through music and youth culture. Another deal was struck in the social music world, with Rhapsody buying Napster, but we don’t think the move will be enough to stave off competition from the likes of Spotify and Pandora) (LA Times) (CNN Money)

- ‘Likes’ are no longer the most valuable currency (companies can earn on Facebook. Now they can also measure their performance based on how many people are talking about them. Whereas likes are static, the new people metric reveals engagement) (MediaPost)

- We’re uberklempt to tell you about the latest in teen slang! (These words and abbrevs — abbreviations for you older folks — will keep you in step with the lingo that’s hot right now. That’s rad!) (Teen.com)

- We took a sneak peek at the first 20 pages of 50 Cent’s (semi-autobiographical novel about bullying, Playground, and while it uses a few words we can’t repeat here, that’s exactly what makes it feel so authentic. We love that so many celebrities are getting behind anti-bullying campaigns. Next on our list to read? Dear Bully, an anthology of true stories about dealing with bullying from the likes of R.L. Stine, Lauren Oliver, and many more) (EW)

- We love this take on ghosts as the Millennials (of the supernatural world. That’s right “Twilight” fans, ghosts are the next big thing — and we can’t wait to check out “Twixt,” “American Horror Story,” and maybe even a reconstitution of “Beetlejuice” in the coming months) (Wired)


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    50 Cent’s book is called Playground, not Butterball.

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