Ypulse Essentials: HP Sponsors 'Beautiful Life', Kids' Top Search Terms, Girl Comics

HP1221bHP sponsors ‘Beautiful Life’ (in its afterlife on post-cancellation platform YouTube. Meanwhile network TV continues to try keeping viewers glued to the screen [any screen] by experimenting with traditional storytelling with cross-platform, transmedia strategies… and dazzling musical numbers) (MediaPost, reg. required) (Canadian Press)

- ‘Sex’ and ‘Porn’ (among the top search terms by kids in 2009, ranking unsurprisingly higher for boys than girls. Like the BizReport spin on this, basically this seems the same as it ever was with a tech update)

- North Face sues South Butt (creator Jimmy Winkelmann for trademark infringement. Last laugh? Not from the tone of this Ad Age, reg. required, article. Also USA Today on Burger King and Carl’s Jr. latest efforts to sell burgers by objectifying women. Yawn)

- Brittany Murphy dies at 32 (the young actress, best known as Tai from “Clueless,” suffered a fatal heart attack over the weekend. Also SNL raises controversy by pulling a recent sketch skewering Brittany Murphy from the web) (New York Times, reg. required)

- FTC throws the ‘book’ (at Facebook, ruling changes in privacy settings as “deceptive.” Also the soc network publishes first-ever research on the ethnic diversity of Facebook in the United States) (ars technica) (BizReport)

- RateMyProfessor.com launches textbook rental (powered by Chegg.com)

‘Prep & Landing’ (Derek Baird unpacks the multiplatform campaign ABC/Disney has rolled out for the first TV special produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Also “Toy Story 3” will get the IMAX treatment) (Derek Baird::Barking Robot) (Variety, reg. required)

- Taylor Swift named AP Entertainer of the Year (Naturally. That girl is really having quite a year. Also, Amazon accidentally leaks Lil Wayne’s new album. Whoops!) (AP) (Pitchfork)

- Marvel announces ‘Girl Comics’ (in case you missed the news last week, spawning some interesting feminist discussions around the history of female roles. Plus do “Star Trek” stereotypes widen the gender gap in computer science?) And Sony launches a digital comics service for PSP) (PW) (CBR) (Wired) (Popzara)


  1. Eric Jaffa

    Brittany Murphy isn’t sacred.

    People should be able to view the SNL bit from earlier this month and decide for themselves if they like the bit.

    Trying to get the bit off the web is like trying to re-write history.

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