Ypulse Essentials: Household Spending On Streaming, Halloween Highlights, National Princess Week

Netflix BufferingDVD sales continue to tank (while household spending on streaming video services, such as Netflix, and DVD rentals from Kiosks, such as Redbox, continues to rise. Much of this trend is driven by Millennials who are less concerned with owning media and care more about having access to media…which is why we disagree that sales of Blu-ray will eventually take off. Speaking of digital movie trends, MTV’s NextMovie is adding MovieTracker which measures buzz about films on social media. The twist is that it not only tracks movies currently at the box office, but also those in development. Right now, “Hunger Games” is topping the list, so we think the measurement must be pretty accurate!) (Yahoo!) (MediaPost)

- Halloween may be over, but it’s still going over on Facebook (as parents post pics of their kids dressed in costume and friends and strangers share them around the Internet. We weren’t surprised — though we were a little disappointed — that nearly half of those who dressed up wore store-bought costumes rather than creatively crafting their own. It’s not just kids that dress up; Halloween is huge on college campuses. So much so that students turn it into a multi-day event) (All Facebook) (Toluna, thanks to David at Scholastic for the link) (Gen Digital)

- We know a lot of tween and teen girls have already bought Justin Bieber’s (“Under the Mistletoe” album which came out today, but they may have also set aside a few dollars for charity. The Biebs announced today that he’s donating a portion of the sales of the album to a selection of charities he selected for their dedication to youth, education, and music, and he’s asking fans to give a little of their own money to the causes to give those less fortunate a happy holiday) (MTV)

- Disney and Target are teaming up to celebrate the 10th anniversary (of “The Princess Diaries,” along with Julie Andrews, one of the film’s stars. The first National Princess Week launches in April and will feature plenty of Disney Princess merchandise, as well as a new book in Andrews’s Very Fairy Princess children’s book series. We’re certain that thousands of little would-be princesses will look forward to the celebration) (Kidscreen)

- The Muppets are everywhere promoting their new movie (but we were surprised that they made a stop at “Monday Night Raw” this week. Who knew Gonzo, Beaker, and Miss Piggy could win over WWE fans!? We’d love to see Gonzo get his shot in the ring!) (NY Mag)

- With COPPA laws under review (here’s a new study about parents’ perceptions of the laws designed to protect children under age 13 online. It finds that many parents actually help their pre-teen children lie about their age to get access to sites like Facebook, which we’ve seen plenty of evidence of ourselves. What’s your take? Tell us in the comments) (First Monday)

- Kate Moss is launching a fragrance for ‘younger girls’ (inspired by her daughter. But we suspect the perfume, Lilabelle, is more likely to be bought by Moss’s older fans to whom she’s more relevant) (Beauty High)

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