Ypulse Essentials: Guess's New Campaign Is Perfect For Pinterest, Teens React To 'The Hunger Games' Trailer, 'Pretty Little Liars' Sets Social Media Record

PinterestBrands are testing out ways to use Pinterest to drive engagement, and Guess (has just launched a clever contest asking users to create boards inspired by its new brightly hued denim line, with fashion bloggers serving as judges. It’s a great connection with the predominantly female Pinterest audience who already pin their favorite style finds. But not everything is perfect in Pinterest-land, as users complain about the “upgrades” to their profile pages. Didn’t Pinterest learn anything from the backlash of Facebook’s frequent changes?) (FMM) (TechCrunch)

- It’s T minus two days until ‘The Hunger Games,’ and if these teens are any indication (guys and girls alike will be flocking to theaters on Friday. If you’re a latecomer to the series and are quickly devouring the books before the film comes out, be warned, there are some side effects, such as “severely premature consideration of your Halloween costume.” While there are some movie tie-ins for teen fans — China Glaze nail polish and Hot Topic apparel, to name a few — there’s little for younger fans because brands are shying away from the movie until they’re sure the public will accept teen-on-teen violence) (YouTube) (Holley Maher) (Forbes)

- The season finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ earns the title (of most buzzed about regular-season TV show as the Millennial masses tuned in and tweeted about the unmasking of “A.” Speaking of Twitter, today marks the social net’s sixth birthday, and, my-oh-my how it’s grown, particularly among Millennials over the past year) (Mashable) (USAToday)

- We love that Betsey Johnson is putting a haute couture spin on the nail art trend (through its partnership with Sephora and OPI. We’re not sure what we want more, the nail decals, the polish strips, or the scented hot pink polish. In other fashion news, ‘American Idol’ is about to launch a clothing line at Kohl’s but it won’t carry the ‘Idol’ name because the franchise owners want the line to exist independent the show. That said, the Authentic Icon collection, as it’s called, will be featured on the next season of American Idol) (MTV Style) (Ad Age, reg required)

- How über-Millennials plan a road trip… (They’re going around the world and have traveled for 13 months, going 32,000 miles so far, all while raising money for charity. What are they going to do when they’ve completed the journey? “Get real jobs or something…”) (WSJ, reg required)

- We’re impressed by the stories of these LGBT teens (who started gay-straight alliances in their southern towns because they realized “there was no community to help those who were coming out.” Not only did they have to overcome general community opposition, they had to fight school administrators for their clubs to be recognized) (BuzzFeed)

We’re excited to hear the ideas that come from the Bluhm Helfand Fellowship (for socially-conscious Millennial entrepreneurs. Three young innovators will win $10,000 grants to put their ideas into action and will be hosted at Chicago Ideas Week where they will meet like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders) (Chicago Ideas Week)


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