Ypulse Essentials: Google+ Reaches 20 Million Members, More Super Hero Movies, Angry Birds Merchandise To Soar

Here are the latest stats in the epic battle of Google+ (versus Facebook. Google+ has reached 20 million members — the majority of which are Millennials — in just three weeks. According to Mashable, 60% of users are 18-25, and even more impressive is that 63% are guys! We wonder what Facebook will do next to maintain its spot as the number one social network)

- Super hero movies are popping up everywhere these days (and it’s not just because of Comic-Con! Voltron — the anime classic about a super robot — is being made into a live-action movie, along with Cartoon Network’s environmental super hero, Captain Planet. Don Murphy, the producer of “Transformers” will create the “Captain Planet” film, which means it’s in good hands. And don’t forget about “Captain America.” The movie just came out today and already raked in $4 million in midnight showings! Impressive, right?) (The Hollywood Reporter) (Time) (Yahoo)

- Angry Birds products are likely to fly off the shelves (this back-to-school shopping season, especially since shipments have risen 500% in the past five months! Stores are stocking up on everything from backpacks and blankets to key chains and wallets in preparation for what’s bound to be Angry Birds mania) (CNN)

- We’ve come across yet another anti-bullying campaign (but this time it’s sponsored by Secret Deodorant. The antiperspirant brand launched its “Mean Stinks” Facebook campaign to stop girl versus girl bullying. “Glee”’s Amber Riley is the spokeswoman for the cause and encourages girls to be supportive and empowered. Watch the video as Amber discusses the campaign, as well as her experiences being bullied) (MediaPost) (Teen Vogue)

- The increasingly popular Monster High franchise — which currently includes (dolls and a Web series — will also offer video games this fall. Monster High Ghoul Spirit will be released on Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi in October. See, girls like video games too!) (Kidscreen)

- Tons of celebrities are taking to Tumblr these days (which of course helps them attract even more fans across social media. Seventeen provided a list of these must see celeb blogs created by some of our favorites like the stars of “Glee” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Justin Bieber posted his first picture on Instagram — a free photo sharing application — and got 1,700 followers within the hour! Speaking of celebs, Demi Lovato announced yesterday that her new album will be out September 20. We really like her new song “Skyscraper,” which has already topped the iTunes charts, so we have a good feeling we’ll enjoy the record!) (Mashable) (MTV) (E! Online)

- And finally for a little Friday fun… (here’s a hilarious preview of Beavis and Butthead watching “Jersey Shore.” They make fun of our favorite fist pumpers even more than everyone does already!) (YouTube)

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