Ypulse Essentials: Google Music, Digital Distraction, Macy's AR Version Of Virginia

GoogleMusicLast night, Google announced that its Music service (is out of beta and open to the world at large. So far, the Web has been unimpressed by the service, claiming it’s just a copy of iTunes with its exclusive tracks and free songs of the week. But TechCrunch points out that while that may seem to be true, so was Gmail a copy of other email services, but it’s been a huge success because of how the product matured. There are a few aspects of Google Music that we think are particularly relevant to young users… It allows bands — any band — to sell its music on its site, so students can even find that obscure band that they discovered at that tiny show on campus. Music discovery is important to young listeners; it’s a point of pride when they know an artist before their friends do. And don’t discount the significant number of young people who have Android-based smartphones — 26% of students per recent Ypulse research, compared to 25% who have iPhones — who will now have access to the Google Music store in the Android Market. And then there’s the price tag for the service: Free!) (The Verge) (HispanicAd)

- More than three quarters of college students (use digital devices while watching TV. We’re not surprised at all with so many tweeting and posting on Facebook — not to mention checking in to media — while watching TV. And of course that proportion will grow even larger as networks and shows encourage viewers to engage with related content online. Speaking of social viewing, Chill.com, known as the Turntable.com for video, has added integrations with Hulu, Vevo, Livestream, and more, allowing users avatars to have social chats about the content they’re watching. The site still has rooms for VJs to spin videos from YouTube and earn points) (MediaPost) (Mashable)

- QR codes are so last year… This holiday season, it’s all about AR! (Macy’s is the latest retailer to jump on the augmented reality band wagon. Its Believe-O-Magic app allows kids to pose along side animated characters from the classic story, “Yes Virginia,” and parents can then take photos and customize a Christmas e-card to send to friends and family. People are still using QR codes however — in fact, 15% of smartphone owners have used one, up from only 5% last year) (PSFK) (PR Newser)

- Starting today and running for a week, CityVille players can celebrate the King of Pop (as part of a campaign for the Cirque du Soleil show Immortal, featuring Michael Jackson’s music. Players will be able to get their very own version of Bubbles, MJ’s pet monkey, unlock an exclusive video from the Immortal World Tour, and earn limited edition virtual goods) (Games Blog)

- Children’s online privacy continues to be a concern (as the federal government considers modifications to COPPA. Arguments range from stricter laws for collecting data from children to maintaining looser laws to allow for innovation so children don’t abandon safe sites for more complex grown-up sites. In either case, experts agree that the best solution for keeping kids safe online is parental attention and involvement) (HuffPo)

- Students have to balance school and work responsibilities (but how much school work and work-work they have depends on their discipline. Engineering student spend the most time each week studying and the least on other work activities. Business students spend the least time studying but the most time working at paying jobs outside school) (NY Times, reg required)

- Woody Woodpecker, that star of the 40s and 50s, is the latest cartoon franchise to get a reboot (with a forthcoming live-action film. We’re starting to think it’s time to draw the line on reboots and use some imagination to create new characters for a new generation. Are you with us? Tell us in the comments…) (AV Club)


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