Ypulse Essentials: 'Glee: The Beginning', Bold Girlz, Crush Lists

‘Glee’ moves one step closer to multimedia domination.. (Fox is teaming with Little, Brown to publish a book series, the first of which will be a “Glee” prequel, a Glee-quel if you will, out in August. Bets on when we’ll see “Glee: The Movie”? Also Friday Night Lights fans can support the Zach Gilford Emmy campaign on Facebook) (EW) (PopEater)

- ‘Sesame Street for the Internet Generation’ (at a recent TEDX talk Michael Levine, executive director for The Joan Ganz Cooney Center shares more of the ways digital media can help children learn new skills. Meanwhile gamers celebrating increased mental sharpness get a reminder to moderate—a recent study finds physical fitness levels of pros to be “shockingly low”) (PSFK)

- Youth entrepreneur du jour (ReadWriteWeb profiles 21 year-old DormNoise founder Jay Rodrigues who just secured the first round of funding for his startup.. while finishing his junior year at Penn)

- iPhone and iPad apps (pose a challenge to parents and marketers as the new wild west for advertising. And over on MediaPost, reg. required, how the social media savvy of teens informs email marketing) (Clickz)

- Bold Girlz (to launch this summer as a teen apparel line with a mission to empower girls through charity)

- Summer school (for college students gets sweetened by discounts to tuition. Plus for-profit colleges are leading the way in adopting e-textbooks. And good news for grads: the job outlook is [finally!] starting to brighten)

- Mark your calendars, Muppet fans (the Jason Segal update is coming to movie theaters Christmas 2011. Plus a first look at Disney’s boy-a-fied version of Rapunzel. And casting starts for the upcoming “Fright Night” remake with Doctor Who and McLovinthat is the actors behind them)

- ‘Crush lists’ (“sexy” hallway postings come under fire at New York schools. Meanwhile Silly Bandz are banned but not forgotten) (New York Post) (Baltimore Sun)

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