Ypulse Essentials: Generation Next Revisited, Charm Girls Club, Kidgurus

dewtourBuilding on Mtn Dew (how the brand gained a following by investing in subcultures like action sports, indie music and video games. And what was missing at the Licensing Show - also note the mention of Tony Hawk’s new line of teen multivitamins. Plus, Next X on Disney XD, a new action sports series) (AdAge, reg. required) (Cynopsis Kids)

- Transformer Generation (consumer think tank ScenarioDNA demonstrates their understanding of millennial’s fluid identity through twentysomethings’ testimonials. Plus, Judy Woodruff returns to PBS with more telling profiles of Generation Next, this time with a focus on the economy. Check out our interview with Judy from the first time the series aired!)

- Charm Girls Club (EA’s tween girl gamer brand announced at E3. Plus, the scoop on other companies efforts to get in on the girl gamer action) (Casual Gaming Biz) (Silicon Valley Insider)

Grunge gets its game on (with the Pearl Jam video game. Plus Activision puts the breaks on Jack Black’s video game. And after the two remaining Beatles make an appearance at E3, a reporter takes a look behind the music game) (MediaPost (Variety) (CNET)

- A text a day (helps teens remember to take their meds post-liver transplant. Plus, why jumping on the latest tech bandwagon, a.ka. Twitter, won’t help you to reach Gen Y) (Reuters) (MediaPost)

- World Beat (a Hip Hop documentary spotlights three political activists who use music to spread their message)

- Kidgurus (a social site for creative kids and teens to share their writing and art. Plus, a closer look at JoBros on UStream and how the hour-long video chat that drew 974,000 unique viewers on Facebook last week) (Silicon Alley Insider)

- ‘The Lake’ (a summer web series from the WB, produced by former WB CEO and current head of media co Generate Jordan Levin. Plus, Mary Kate Olsen signs on for  “Beastly” an update on “Beauty and the Beast”) (AHN)

- ‘Plus 8’ is enough (the argument against exploiting children on reality shows) (Altanta Journal Constitution)

- Nat Geo gives virtual another go (with Animal Adventures, a virtual world that will focus on animals, geography, and exploration. Plus, National Geographic Kids relaunches their year-long Camp Hyatt program where kids can partake in culturally authentic activities)   (Virtual World News) (MediaPost, reg. required)

Reminder: We’ve posted more 2009 Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup attendee coverage and we’ll keep adding as they roll in!

P.S. Congratulations to our friends over at DoSomething on the huge success of the DoSomething Awards last night! We’re thrilled to hear that in April 2010 the “VH1 Do Something Awards” will air in prime time!

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