Ypulse Essentials: FTC Calls For 'Reinvention' In Food Marketing, Pew Reports On Teens & Sexting, Mobile TV

DEWmocracy-bCrowd sourced product design (Mountain Dew relies on soda fans to roll out three new products for April. Coke Zero launches ‘Digital Double’ on Facebook) (MediaPost, reg. required) (MarketingVOX)

- ‘Teens and Sexting’ (a new report out of Pew Research’s Internet and American Life Project goes beyond the hype to explore the issue with real teens who explain the practice as a new “form of relationship currency”)

- SNAC attack (yesterday’s FTC public hearing on food marketing and childhood obesity saw the introduction of new “tentative, proposed” nutritional standards for foods marketed to children between the ages of 2 and 17. Also FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz calls on the food industry to “boldly reinvent the food marketplace” beyond pledges to self-regulation) (MediaPost, reg. required)

- ‘Lovely Bones’ draws teen girls (to theaters. With all of the talk around the appeal of dark YA, you wouldn’t think this would be so surprising. Plus there’s a new trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland ) (Los Angeles Times)

-Bad news, grads (the job market outlook for young adults goes from bad to worse with unemployment rate among 20- to 24-year-olds raising four-tenths of a percent to 16% in November, even as unemployment nationally slipped to 10% from 10.2%. Ouch) (Los Angeles Times)

- Smart Kids launches Live at the Hive (an edutainment soc network for parents and tweens with safety features like monthly reports to parents on where kids go on the site and with whom they conversed. Hmm.. Also GirlMogul.com adds a book club for tween girls)

- Mobile TV (unsurprisingly might have a market with millennials and early adopters. Plus Myxter launches MobileStage a marketing platform for artists that looks to be “MySpace Music for Mobile”. Meanwhile word is MySpace has an eye on Flixter, a social network for movies) (eMarketer) (TechCrunch) (All Things Digital)

- Tween Tribune (profiled in the Los Angeles Times, reg. required on partnering with schools and possibly newspapers to distribute news to tweens)

- Nick wrings out more SpongeBob (with an eleventh season of the long-running hit. Also TEEN Nick CEO Nick Cannon doubles his exec duties with the launch NCredible Entertainment to handle his projects in TV, film, music, digital music, publishing and radio. Plus CW lowercases the ‘X’ in the title of “Life Unexpected” to avoid confusion) (Variety, reg. required) (Vibe)


  1. alice in wonderland white

    I never thought Burton could make another film as hopelessly bland as Planet of the Apes but here it is. Save your money and either watch one of his early classics or simply watch the 1951 Disney classic again: It’s shorter, it’s funnier, and it’s infinitely trippier.

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