Ypulse Essentials: Foursquare For Universities, Young Netflix Users Cut Cable, The Return Of Bratz

foursquareforuniversitiesFourquare for Universities (Check-ins are coming to campus with a new program customized for partnered universities to “share information about classes, building hours, campus activities and traditions.” We’ll definitely be watching this space) (Mashable)

- MySpace to unveil massive redesign (Project Futura promises users a “much simpler interface, lots of white space, and a focus on the activity stream” not unlike—you guessed it—Facebook. Meanwhile rumors are now stirring that a branded Facebook smartphone might be in the works. Hmm.. let’s see if it fares better than Kin, Helio, etc.) (TechCrunch) (CNET)

- Airstream trailers class up, age down (targeting young affluent designer-types who, according to VP of marketing Sue Dooley, are using the spaces for “stationary purposes” as guest houses, home offices or studios. Also, food cooperative Organic Valley sends young farmers on a campus tour to promote the benefits of organic living. And Marketing Sherpa has  highlights from a consumer psychologist’s year-long research project on Gen Y available for free until September 26) (MediaPost, reg. required)

- Bill and Ted’s excellent sequel? (It’s a possibility according to Keanu Reeves. And let the “Deathly Hallows” countdown officially begin—a new trailer for part one of the final Harry Potter film comes out this Wednesday) (MTV News) (Coming Soon)

- ‘Young Invincibles’ on the road (All research to the contrary, a recent survey finds fewer teens see texting while driving as leading to fatal consequences as compared with drinking while driving)

- Bratz are back (hoping to move on from its brutal legal battle with Mattel, toy brand MGA is relaunching the dolls complete with a new look that supposedly will slant “more preppy than sexy.” Plus a thoughtful discussion of the gendered messaging in Danica McKellar’s popular “Math Doesn’t Suck” series inspired by the latest: Hot X: Algebra Exposed! ) (Los Angeles Times) (Salon, day pass required)

- A third of young users cut cable (...in favor of Netflix! This is in large part due to the growing appeal [i.e., expanded content] of its low-cost subscription streaming service) (CNBC)

- Vevo hits back at MTV (In the battle of the video-site metrics, Vevo says its visitors spend twice as much time as MTV’s users. And in a flashback to the music television of yesteryear, “Last Call With Carson Daly” is overhauling its traditional talk show format to focus on music) (Billboard) (Reuters)

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