Ypulse Essentials: Food Pyramid Becomes Plate Chart, Thiel Fellow's Take On College, Jane Lynch Will Host Emmys

My PlateGone are the old food pyramid nutrition guildelines, (which have been replaced by a pie, er, plate chart. In other health news, students who bully others are more likely than their peers to be sleepy during the day. Maybe nap time needs to be carried all the way through to 12th grade?) (The Daily What) (US News & World Report)

- College is a waste of time (according to Dale Stephens, one of the first recipients of a Thiel Fellowship, 20 of which are given to promising entrepreneurs under age 20 with the stipulation that they are not allowed to enroll in college for the next two years. That’s fine by Stephens who thinks college is more about “competition rather than collaboration, regurgitation rather than learning”) (CNN)

- ‘Glee’‘s Jane Lynch will host (the 2011 Emmys, and is ready to break out her best dance moves…and tracksuit) (UPI)

- Forbes blogger Susannah Breslin hears from a lot of young journalists (seeking advice about how to get started, but most are guys. So she’s created a contest to give one lucky, talented young woman — between the ages of 18-25 — the chance to get her start writing a guest post for her Pink Slipped column) (Forbes)

- The annual Scripps National Spelling Bee was held last night (and turned into a marathon of perfect spelling, while also reminding viewers that super smart kids can also have a pretty good sense of humor) (Salon, day pass required)

- Check out Joe Jonas’s first single (from his solo album. We don’t think it’s exactly gonna be the breakout hit of the summer. What’s your take?) (Billboard)

- Finally, for a little Friday fun, Harry Potter fans, calling themselves Potterheads, (took over Twitter today proclaiming their love for all things Potter having grown up along with the boy wizard. Lord Voldemort and Professor Snape couldn’t help but chime in. Speaking of wildly popular YA series, a literature professor had to explain his purchase of the Twilight Saga books: his students demand he read the series before calling it the lowest form of writing) (GalleyCat)

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