Ypulse Essentials: Facebook+Skype, Eminem Tops 1 Million Downloads, A Fifth 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'?

Facebook and SkypeThe Internet guessed right; the “awesome” Facebook announcement (was an integration of video calling via Skype, as well as group chat functionality and a new design. Will that be enough to stave off the new kid on the block, Google+, that has its own raved about video features? According to a Mashable poll, Google may win this battle) (Wired) (NY Times, reg required)

- Kids think Apple products are cool (and so should marketers. iPhones are topping Android phones in a variety of categories, including ad response; mobile gaming — iPhone owners play longer than other smartphone owners; and video viewing — iPhone owners are twice as likely to watch mobile video. Mobile prime time is the same as for TV, with usage picking up dramatically after 5 p.m.) (Mediapost) (Ars Technica) (Fierce Mobile) (Ad Age, reg required)

- Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ becomes the first album (to sell 1 million downloads in the U.S. Since 2005 when digital album sales were first tracked, only 12 albums have topped the half-million mark in sales. Eminem clearly gets the benefits of digital media — he also launched a Facebook game as part of his side project, Bad Meets Evil. It’s a little violent, but it’s a fit with his fan base) (Billboard) (Mashable)

- There will likely be a fifth installment (of the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” movie series, which comes as little surprise after we learned yesterday that the fourth film in the series topped $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Speaking of movies, we’re curious to see what Miffy will do on the big screen, and we love everything we’re hearing about Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania” that we can hardly wait for 2012) (The Wrap) (Cynopsis) (Inside Movies)

- We love that California is on the cusp of passing (legislation that would require schools to amend their curriculum to teach students about historical contributions of LGBT individuals. The law was designed, in part, to combat bullying of LGBT students) (Slate)

- What’s the song of the summer? (According to MTV viewers — and apparently radio stations as well, because we can’t seem to escape the song — Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” wins the season. In other music news, Kelly Clarkson’s latest single, “Let Me Down” leaked online…and we don’t think it’s a let down at all) (MTV) (Celebrity Gossip)

- Wanna look cool? (Try rocking a pair of headphones! Designer headphones are all the rage in the UK, and the bigger the better!) (PSFK)

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