Ypulse Essentials: Facebook + Spotify = Awesome, Amazon Goes Gaga (Again), Chegg Enters The Deals Game

Facebook SpotifyWhile Mark Zuckerberg says it will eventually (make sense to explore allowing children under age 13 to join Facebook, it’s not a priority at the company. Music, on the other hand, seems to be quite important. Facebook and Spotify are partnering on a deal that will integrate the music service into the Facebook platform and is rumored to allow friends to listen to music simultaneously through the social net. The service will only be accessible to users in countries where Spotify is already up and running, which means American users will have to wait, but hopefully not for too long) (Consumerist) (Forbes)

- “This time we’re ready” (is the self deprecating way Amazon is relaunching its offer of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” for a mere $.99. It’s crossing its fingers that this time its servers don’t melt — though by now most little monsters will probably have already gotten their copy of the album, so the demand should be somewhat subdued) (FastCompany)

- Disney has withdrawn its application (for trademark of “SEAL Team Six,” deferring to the U.S. Navy, which will own the rights…and could license the name to the highest bidder. That makes us a bit nervous. Speaking of the Navy, the Naval ROTC is back on Yale’s campus after 40 years, originally banned in protest of the Vietnam War and more recently because of the Navy’s position toward women and gays in the military) (Yahoo) (NY Times, reg required)

- Chegg, the textbook rental company, is launching (a daily deals offering and new marketing opportunities that will connect brands with its college student user base) (Ad Age, reg required)

- Google finally announced it’s rumored (Google Wallet service, an NFC [or near-field communications] payment service. Was the move timed to steal some of the thunder from Jack Dorsey’s Square payment service app?) (PSFK) (LA Times, reg required)

- Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair (is the latest “celeb” to announce plans to write a children’s book. Carter’s interactive e-book called Bella’s Umbrella will be written on his iPad and designed to be released on the iPad. In other celeb book news, the Kardashian sisters are working on a novel about a fictional glimpse inside the lives of a high-profile family…and there’s a contest to name it! Are they sure they’re ready for the suggestions “fans” will come up with?) (eBookNewser) (Gawker)

- We’re not remotely surprised that gaming (causes joint pain in children. After all, we’ve had “texting thumb” for years) (CNET)

- The Twitter Curse strikes again! (Twitter was once again able to predict the winner of “American Idol” based on the formula that the performer with the fewest tweets would win. Way to go, Scotty McCreery, for not inspiring people to talk about you too much!) (Mashable)

- Justin Bieber is suddenly blinged out (and tattooed. He’s so hip-hop these days, it’s no surprise he named Jay-Z as the artist he’d most like to work with on his next album) (BuzzFeed) (Boombox)

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