Ypulse Essentials: Facebook Phone & Kindle Fire Models, Spotify Loses Labels, Toy Of The Year

Facebook PhoneCodenamed ‘Buffy,’ the fabled Facebook phone (is going to be a reality in a year or so, and like its vampire-slayer namesake, it’s out to slay the smartphone competition. The phone will be manufactured by HTC and reportedly will run an Android platform. But will anyone care to have a Facebook phone over a phone with a Facebook app? Some of us still remember how things went when another media company — ahem, ESPN — tried to enter the cell phone market. In other news of tech to come, Amazon will debut new models of the Kindle Fire with larger screens in 2012. Amazon clearly wants to take a bite out of the mainstream tablet market, taking on Samsung and perhaps even Apple) (AllThingsD) (ShelfAwareness)

- Spotify is losing labels (because the music industry isn’t happy with the money it’s making from the service and fears that streaming is cannibalizing sales. But, now that listeners have had a taste of streaming just about any artist they want, we don’t think they’re going to run right back to the record store — digital or brick-and-mortar — to get the music they want; they’ll continue to find it online, one way or another) (AV Club)

- The Toy Industry Association has announced the finalists (for Toy Of The Year. The lists for best boy toy, girl toy, educational toy, and game are packed with cool items — and great gift ideas, obviously — but there’s one item that’s missing. The iPad. Say what you will, that’s one “toy” kids can’t keep their hands off of) (Kidscreen)

- Netflix is making its ‘Just For Kids’ section (available from the Wii console with just one click. We think it’s a smart move since the Wii is particularly popular with young families) (SacBee)

- With all the Black Friday ads clogging the airwaves lately, it’s hard to break through the clutter, but Macy’s ad with Justin Bieber (does just that. What’s more, it works for young and old audiences alike. Check it out here, and then tell us what Black Friday commercials you think get it right in the comments below…) (MediaPost) (YouTube)

- We aren’t sure how we missed this until now, but we’re super excited for (Toms ballet flats that will be available starting in Spring 2012! As the label gets more fashion forward and hooks more fans, it’ll also be giving away more shoes with its one-to-one philosophy) (Fabsugar)

- Ebay is adding a new feature to its site that helps users (find products featured in TV shows. Talk about bringing new meaning to “As Seen On TV!” From appliances to clothes to just about anything, Ebay wants to work with TV networks to help fans find the products they covet. Even Millennials want to dress like their favorite stars — 42% have sought out an item they’ve seen a character wear in a film or TV show, according to Ypulse research) (THR)

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