Ypulse Essentials: Facebook 'Pays' Ad Viewers, Kids Download Apps To Parents' Phones, Mother Monster Mentors American Idols

FacebookFacebook is ‘paying’ users (to watch certain ads. Viewers receive the equivalent of $.10 in Facebook credits, which can be used in games on the site, to buy virtual goods, or to buy physical goods via Facebook Deals. Speaking of Facebook games, now you can try your hand at Farmville IRL with MyFarm) (Mashable) (FastCompany)

- Of the 8% of parents (who have let their children download apps onto their smartphones, the kids accounted for 30% of downloads) (Nielsen)

- Millennials are nonplussed with all the hubbub about iPhone and Android location tracking (because they know brands have been following their online movements all along. And they’re okay with that…as long as brands make it worth their while to be so open) (MediaPost)

- The lives of teenagers (are fascinating — from comparisons of “kids these days” to “kids those days” to a peek inside their bedrooms) (TrendCentral)

- Lady Gaga is all about giving back (to the community, and this time the lucky recipients of Mother Monster’s mentoring will be the final four contestants on “American Idol.” The show airs May 11) (Billboard)

- Bristol Palin has either (lost weight or had plastic surgery…or both. We’re sad to see the media get caught up talking about the *looks* of a yet another young woman — not that we’re all that thrilled with what she has to say, but still, can we focus on what’s coming out of her mouth rather than the shape of her lips?) (Gawker)

- It’s Friday, and you know what that means… (a “Glee” cover of “Friday!” We, we, we so excited! And in case you’re wondering, no, not even the “Glee” cast can make this song less annoying) (BuzzFeed)

- And finally just a quick reminder (that today is the last day to get the early bird discount on registration for the Youth Mega Mashup June 20-22 in San Diego. In addition, friends of Ypulse get a 25% discount using the code YPULSE2011. Check out the conference brochure here)

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