Ypulse Essentials: Facebook Advertising, Young Adults & Apps, Freshman 15 Fiction

Facebook LogoAdvertising on Facebook is a bit of a conundrum (for the social media giant, but not for brands. Savvy social media campaigns can get widespread advertising for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional media. The challenge for Facebook is when the advertising works; when a campaign goes viral and social sharing takes over, the brand has no reason to spend more to push the campaign further, as a case study of the Ford Focus targeting Millennials proves. Of course, ads aren’t the only way Facebook is partnering with brands to grow its income. Movie studios are partnering with the site to rent films directly to consumers, who can pay in Facebook credits. It may be incremental earning, but multiplied by 700+ million users, it can add up fast) (WSJ, reg required) (Ad Age, reg required)

- New research finds that 60% of 18-29 year olds download apps (to their cell phones, and 40% of those use six or more apps at least once a week. They’re more likely than average to have apps to facilitate communication with friends and family, and they’re less likely than average to pay for apps) (Pew)

- College freshmen will be relived to learn that the ‘freshman 15’ (is more fiction than fact. In reality, students only gain about three pounds in their first year, not much more than the typical non-student the same age. For the students that do gain significant weight in college, it’s often heavy drinking that packs on the pounds) (Columbus Dispatch)

- Lady Gaga is organizing her efforts in the battle against bullying (by establishing a new charity. The Born This Way Foundation will focus on empowering youth “by addressing issues like self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development and will utilize digital mobilization as one of the means to create positive change”) (CNN)

- Klout’s “influencers” are getting perks from brands (that hope that putting products in the hands of social media mavens will get them extra mentions and spread the word. But there’s concern that the program isn’t meeting FTC regulations. Klout has been pushing its perks lately, which can run brands upwards of $25,000) (IndieWire) (PSFK)

- Internet access is the new employee benefit (according to a new report from Cisco that finds students and young professionals would take lower salaries to have better access to social media and the Internet while at work. Two thirds would even prefer an Internet connection over a car. Overall, serving young employees’ tech needs and expectations makes them better, happier workers) (Fast Company)

- Streaming video is growing rapidly and already accounts for more than half (of all Internet traffic, and will grow to 90% within the next three years as more online video content becomes available. Millennials are embracing the trend. They’re big fans of online video, especially when they reach college age, using it to substitute some of their TV viewing to accommodate their busy schedules) (SocialTimes)

- Finally, for a little mid-week fun… (Stephen Colbert visited Occupy Wall Street, attempting to usurp the movement for his own gain. He sat down with two key members of the movement — in his luxury penthouse suite — to see if he could get the inside scoop. Meanwhile, students are showing their support through the Occupy Colleges movement) (Gothamist) (HuffPo)


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