Ypulse Essentials: Election Day On Foursquare, ALA Celebrates GLBT Literature For Young Readers, The 'Facebook Generation' In The UK

electiondayfoursquareElection Day on Foursquare (With the rollout of the new Foursquare Elections page today, founder Dennis Crowley expands on the positive impact of social voting, i.e., checkins, badges, etc. on civic engagement. Not to be outdone [or outdated] Facebook continues its own social tradition of getting the vote out with buttons, counters and a handy Facebook Polling Place Locator to help you find out where to drop your ballot. For those under the voting age, Amy Jussel of Shaping Youth has a nice roundup of online and offline ways to get teens and kids politically involved) (ReadWriteWeb) (Social Times)

- Conan debuts ‘Show Zero’ (sponsored by Diet Coke, the web-only five minute preview gave fans a sneak peek into the return of Coco to late night… and an, erm, new approach to product integration. How’d it go over? Not so great) (Ad Age, reg. required) (New York Magazines)

- Kids want iPhones, iPads over toys (this holiday season, according to the Duracell Toy Report. Meanwhile, Walmart banks on the holding power of Bieber with a semi-exclusive partnership deal for music, merch and beauty products) (CNET)

- ALA spotlights gay lit for young readers (with the Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award for books “of exceptional merit relating to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered experience.” Kudos to the ALA, though, given the conservative criticism of books with “homosexual themes” like Three to Tango, we’re likely to hear a backlash)

- ‘The Facebook Generation’ in the UK (suffers from loneliness and disconnectedness according to a survey on “happiness levels” that finds young people turning to alcohol and junk food for comfort. Similar rhetoric to the recent Times’ feature on “antisocial networking” in the US focuses on new technology over the issues. Time for another reminder that teens aren’t growing up in a vacuum even if the times are changing?) (The Telegraph)

- One in four young Aussies now have a tattoo (those changing times manifest Down Under with the mainstream shift of sporting ink)  (news.com.au) (The Atlantic)

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