Ypulse Essentials: Disney's 'PrankStars' Premieres Tonight, Taylor Swift To Launch a Fragrance, Rihanna Is The Most Popular Woman on Facebook

PrankStarsDisney Channel is connecting fans with their favorite stars in the new reality show ‘PrankStars’ (which kicks off tonight and promises to be hilarious! Check out the clips from the first episode where Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan play jokes on some super fans. If fans want another way to meet Selena, there’s the “Make Your Jam” video contest, where they can create their own video using pictures and songs from her new album, “When the Sun Goes Down.” The winner will receive tickets to see Selena and The Scene live and meet her backstage! In other Disney news, cartoon characters Phineas and Ferb will be getting some extra air time in the upcoming season-long two minute segments “Take Two With Phineas and Ferb. During each episode, the pair will appear on an animated talk show set and interview live-action guests such as David Beckham, Ben Stiller, and Jason Segal) (TV Guide) (JSYK) (The Hollywood Reporter)

- Speaking of TV news, the Primetime Emmy Children’s nominations are in (and Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network take the lead with “iCarly,” “Victorious,” “Adventure Time,” and “Robot Chicken” among the contenders) (Kidscreen)

- Taylor Swift joins the long list of celebrities to launch their own fragrance (and — surprise surprise — she thinks her dreamy scent called “Wonderstruck” can help you fall in love. We hope her perfume does as well as Justin Bieber’s “Someday.” Just three weeks after its release, his perfume has already brought in $3 million for Macy’s, making it the biggest celebrity fragrance launch in Macy’s history. We can’t say we’re surprised…it’s Bieber we’re talking about here) (US Magazine) (NY Daily News)

- Move over Lady Gaga (Rihanna is now the most popular woman on Facebook with approximately 40,564,950 fans compared to Gaga’s 40,543,536. Long live her days as the Facebook Queen! Ad Age has 50 interesting and helpful stats to inform you about anything related to social media) (Mashable)

- It’s no secret that young adults are obsessed with social networks (but did you know that they’re willing to choose their jobs based on their ability to access such sites and their personal email at work? Some 21% of young adults said they would turn down a job if they weren’t allowed to stay connected during work hours) (MediaPost)

- If you missed out on seeing ‘Glee’ live in concert this summer (don’t worry because the New Directions are coming to the big screen soon. The trailer is out for “Glee: The 3D Movie Concert” and we just got even more excited to see the movie next month! We’re still upset that three main stars are leaving the show after next season, but rumor has it that there might be a “Glee” spin-off featuring Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in the big apple. Would you watch it?) (MTV) (CelebTV)

- Muggles everywhere went to the theaters last night to see ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ (setting the midnight box office record, raking in $43.5 million! Even though HP has come to an end, the enterprise will continue to grow. Warner Bros. will add more theme parks around the world and expand online businesses and video games) (Washington Post) (WSJ)

- And finally for a little Friday fun… (in honor of the film’s release today, we bring you a Harry Potter “Friday” parody. Get ready to laugh hysterically…) (BuzzFeed)

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