Ypulse Essentials: Disney Targets Tween Boys, Youth Radio, Dads And The PTA

realworldbrooklynReal World: Brooklyn (debuted last night and critics are expressing cautious optimism about the members of this season’s cast) (Ad Age, reg required)

- Tweens, teens and body image (a recent survey shows that most think they’re overweight and that their lives would dramatically improve if they were their ideal weight)

- Soulja Boy tells em (the young rap star shares the secrets to his success) (Las Vegas Sun)

- Disney turns to tween boys (with Disney XD, a new boy-focused brand that will include of a cable television channel, and a comprehensive Web site with games, music, videos and social networking. Also Mattel expands its digital efforts with more interactive programming and content online) (WSJ)

- Less reading, more playing (Ziff Davis shutters his gaming magazine and sells 1UP Network to Hearst. Meanwhile over in the UK video game sales have hit a record high. Oh, the irony) (Media Buyer Planner) (PSFK)

- Coming soon… (Hollywood markets movies to younger audiences by using more mobile and online engagement) (Variety)

- Truth in advertising? (scientists prove that the “Axe Effect” might have some basis in reality) (Ad Age, reg. required)

- Youth Radio (a youth media organization that teaches journalism, production, and tech to underprivileged young people. Also the Neiman Reports explore how new media calls for a new age of journalism) (Boing Boing) (Nieman Reports)

- Pessimistic about Pepsi (Brazen Careerist’s Ryan Healy has his doubts about Pepsi’s Optimism project. Plus a bold campaign in Germany to help girls suffering from bulimia) (The Brazen Careerist)

- A historic day for the PTA (for the first time in U.S. history a dad will serve as president of the national association) (New York Times, reg. required)

Correction: In yesterday’s Essentials I noted that at Est. Today girls could “design, create and sell their own clothes.”  It should have read ‘buy’ rather than ‘sell.’


  1. tommy2

    Disney and tween boys… will never happen. In the history of marketing Disney Channel did they ever specifically target tween girls? No, it was the end result of a product extension of the Disney Brand, princes & princess (who appeal to girls - not boys). To make a product with enough edge to appeal to boys with the ‘Disney’ name on it, your going to have to do things ‘Disney’ won’t do.

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