Ypulse Essentials: Disney Targets Tween Boys [Again], Foursquare On Bravo, How Millennial Are You?

Disney targets tween boys (take two. CEO Bob Iger lays out a big budget strategy involving franchises in development from the Marvel acquisition, alongside projects that feature the likes of brain-eating zombies. Also European multiplex chain Odeon and Disney resolve the dispute over “Alice in Wonderland” at the eleventh hour. And former MTV president Matt Wolf opens a boutique media and tech consulting firm) (Bloomberg) (Variety, reg. required) (All Things Digital)

- How Millennial Are You? (a handy little quiz from Pew Research Center to tell whether you’re a boomer, Gen X-er or Millennial at heart… that in turn sparked this understandable takedown from True/Slant on reducing a generation to a broad character sketch. Also young men in the UK use the internet! Everyday! Even in bed! Um.. this is not surprising) (Guardian)

- ‘The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret’ (leaves stateside fans of cult favorite “Arrested Development” clamoring for online action.. especially after the full pilot was pulled from YouTube earlier this week. Also the long-awaited [?] Zoolander sequel is in the works) (Pop Candy) (Deadline|Hollywood)

- Lads mags (in the UK likely to get restricted to the top shelf in light of a recent government report linking easily accessible pornography to early sexualization. Also DirecTV offers US subscribers Common Sense Media’s age-based content ratings) (The Guardian) (Cynopsis Kids)

- Foursquare on air (with its first official commercial debuting on Bravo to highlight the brands’ recent partnership. And why Chat Roulette and “nexting” might have a legitimate future in social media) (TechCrunch) (Fast Company)

- Nintendo gets into the e-reader business (playing the convergence card with a new device set for a late March release)  (Bloomberg)

Admiral Ackbar (a quotable Star Wars creature turned internet meme is being championed by college students as a candidate for the new Ole Miss mascot. Also Unilever crowdsources college guys to develop its latest Axe campaign) (Zap 2 It) (Ad Age, reg. required)

- Effective mobile marketing to teens (in a formula: SMS Call-to-Action Response = Media Exposure x Call-to-Action Strength x The Offer Value. More on this from MediaPost, reg. required. Also kid mobile provider kajeet publishes free guidelines for teen and tween cell phone us) (MediaPost, reg. required)

iTunes sells 10 billionth song (and awards the lucky purchaser a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Also Idolator unearths a video of a pre-produced  Kesha before she was Ke$ha performing in a middle school talent competition) (MTV News)

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