Ypulse Essentials: Disney Signs Streaming Deals With Netflix & Amazon, Be A Material Girl, 'Beavis & Butt-Head' Revival Ratings

Despite Netflix’s series of mistakes (more and more networks are teaming up with the streaming service to make their content easily available, and the latest to do so is Disney! Soon viewers will be able to watch even more Disney & ABC programming on the site, but if Netflix isn’t their preferred service, they can also do so on Amazon. We think it’s brilliant that cable networks are finally recognizing the value in letting Millennial viewers catch their favorite shows when they want and the way they want…especially since that’s what they’d do with or without the permission of the networks. Speaking of streaming deals, The CW has struck a surprising deal with Hulu to play current programming on the site, available to Hulu Plus subscribers, this on the heels of a similar deal with Netflix. We think TV nets may have finally found solutions for the digital generation) (TechCrunch) (Deadline)

- Watch out Kelly Osbourne (there’s gonna be a new Material Girl in town! Madonna and Lourdes Leon are holding a Material Girl Lucky Stars Model Search to feature a real girl in their spring 2012 campaign. Casting calls begin tomorrow at Macy’s Herald Square and will take place throughout November in different cities and online. Madonna and Lourdes will pick the winner, but we wonder what it takes to be the ultimate Material Girl!) (Hollywire)

- Even after a 14 year break, ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ is still a hit (garnering 3.3 million viewers during the show’s premiere last Thursday. We’re not surprised that the program did so well considering nostalgia and comedy are a formula for success among Millennials) (NY Post)

- YouTube has officially taken the social media world by storm (beating out Facebook as the top youth social media brand among 13 to 24 year olds. According to the Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend Poll, Millennials value the video sharing site because of its quality and familiarity. Hmm, maybe Facebook should take note and stop making changes that confuse users) (DeBaird)

- We wish Justin Timberlake would visit ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ every week (to school us on the history of rap. Here’s part 3 of their hilarious series. Don’t call it a comeback!) (Vulture)

- Millennials are always in communication with one another whether it’s via smartphones or on social networks (but research from the American Public Health Association suggests new harm in being too attached to technology. Teens who hyper-text — which is defined as sending more than 120 messages per day on a school day — are at least 40% more likely to have taken drugs, binge drink, and gotten into physical fights. Moreover, hyper-networkers — those who spend more than three hours per day on social media — are at higher risk for stress, depression, and suicide. Okay so maybe cutting back a bit isn’t such a bad idea)

- And now for a little Halloween treat… (we couldn’t agree more with C+R research about why the holiday is so special to tweens and teens. Halloween is a chance for them to be part of a fantasy or embody a character they look up to while still expressing themselves and their identity. And better yet, they get to confront their fears but still have fun being frightened) (YouthBeat)

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