Ypulse Essentials: Deloitte Study, Overshare, Disney's Advergame

Multi-media Millennials (Deloitte releases its third annual study on how we consume and engage with media today. NewTeeVee highlights some great stats on Gen Y)

- Books + virtual worlds = more reading? (that’s the plan. HarperCollins and Penguin partner up with the Children’s Way Foundation to launch Woogi World. Plus more on Nick’s sticky kid sites with Neopets continuing to gain popularity ) (YouthWorker Journal)

- Speidi spins a web of lies (with a fake marriage. People.com reports that the ‘Hills’ stars staged their marriage on TV. Shocker? Not so much) (Entertainment Weekly)

- Taylor Swift (NPR reviews her latest album, “Fearless” and talks about how being a regular teen comes out in her songwriting. Plus a review of Michael Franzini’s “One Hundred Young Americans”) (NPR) (Teen Book Review)

- 50 Youth Marketing Trends (from MobileYouth’s Graham Brown) (MobileYouth)

- A tween ‘Guide to Glamour’ (raises questions over whether girls that age need to learn how to get all dolled up) (Jezebel)

Overshare (gets named “word of the year.” Here’s to you, KFC girls) (fimoculous)

- The text test (at music festivals in the UK doctors find the ability to text friends a good sign that patients are recovering) (BBC News)

- You play, Disney wins (with a new advergame promotion launched on iPhones for their upcoming film “Bolt”) (MediaPost, reg. required)

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