Ypulse Essentials: Comic-Con Cont'd, The Source Launches Skyboxx, Windows 8: Gen Y Success?

scott_pilgrim_vs_the_worldComic-Con predictions (New York Magazine ranks the post-preview buzz around upcoming “tent-pole” releases with ‘Scott Pilgrim’ named biggest winner and a lukewarm reception to the “Green Hornet” trailer spelling trouble ahead. More on what went wrong in the “Green Lantern” equation from Los Angeles Times)

- In other Comic-Con news.. (Marvel assembles “The Avengers” cast including the new Hulk, Disney pumps up the marketing power behind “Tron: The Legacy” and studios look for the next Christopher Nolan in unconventional comic book film directors. And speaking of outsiders—a “Glee” panel at the Con reveals an upcoming “Rocky Horror Picture Show” episode and other Season 2 spoilers ) (Wired) (MediaPost, reg. required) (Los Angeles Times) (EW)

- ‘Hunger Games’ fans rejoice! (Scholastic launches the ‘Mockingjay’ book trailer and official Hunger Games page on Facebook to fuel fan buzz around the August release of the final chapter. And check out what Ypulse friend and digital youth research guru danah boyd is reading in this fun, book-centric interview) (Boston Globe)

- The Source launches Skyboxx (The sports lifestyle mag hopes to attract new and remaining LeBron fans as well as female readers) (Ad Age. reg required)

- Can Windows 8 be a Gen Y success? (Suggestions from ZDNet’s Millennial blogger include adding an app store, creating portable user accounts and more. Plus an update on college students and the textbook rental business as seen on the BU campus) (The Boston Globe)

- Kia sponsors ‘Yo! Gabba Gabba’ live show (in an extension of the Millennial Mom-and-Dad targeted campaign featuring a YGG character. Also Nick unveils plans to turn “The Fairly Odd Parents” cartoon into a live-action TV movie) (MediaPost, reg. required) (Reuters)

- Not your average green teen (A fourteen year-old in Oregon successfully transforms a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle into a fully functional electric car) (PSFK)

- MTV greenlights ‘Electric Barbarellas’ (The controversial “raunchy girl band” reality show that Sumner Redstone reportedly forced into development. And after a slight skirmish over contracts, the “Jersey Shore” crew signs on for a third season) (TV Squad) (New York Times. reg. required)

- Disney debuts D-Signed for Target (A tween clothing line for BTS “inspired by” Disney Channel characters. Interesting way to get around the actresses’ competing BTS lines) (Examiner)

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