Ypulse Essentials: Bullying On The Decline, MTV Reboots 'Unplugged', 'Age of Anti-Cool'

College apps turned auditions (prospective Tufts students take up the chance to use YouTube to stand out from the pack of applicants. Plus a ugc PSA contest invites teens to share what they do for a “natural high” on YouTube) (New York Times, reg. required)

- Listen up (a new cyberbullying study from the Youth Voice Project finds “being heard and acknowledged”  by adults and peers was the most helpful response for students dealing with bullies. And in other news that should encourage those in the space, a national survey links a sharp drop in bullying to the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs. Plus more fodder for chicken and the egg debates: a study finds frequent violent video game play leads to more aggressive kids) (Net Family News) (AP) (US News & World Report)

- MTV reboots ‘Unplugged’ (as a multiplatform branded-entertainment vehicle for Starburst, which will sponsor the concert series’ revival across cable siblings MTV, VH1 and CMT) (Ad Age, reg. required)

- Washington texting ban targets teen drivers (and restricts both handheld and hands-free cell phone use. Plus check out the LG Ponder Game another irreverent addition to the ongoing “Give It A Ponder” campaign) (Seattle Times) (Candystand.com)

- ‘Alice’ vs. ‘Avatar’ (starting tonight the new release will take over at IMAX theaters in New York, even though “Avatar” continues to boast sold out screenings. And first Jason Segal takes on Muppets, now his “How I Met Your Mother” co-star Neil Patrick Harris stars in “Smurfs”) (New York Post) (Deadline New York)

- Stephen Colbert slams Kwedit (with some inaccurate digs at the site’s admittedly baffling IOU payment model for tweens. Granted, after scoring $3.3 million in a second round of financing, they might be getting the last laugh. Also BookRenter, another contender in - you guessed it - the textbook rental space) (TechCrunch)

- More on Oscars 2.0 (this year the awards get live streamed. Also check out Oscar picks from Jackson Murphy the 11-year-old film critic behind “Lights Camera Jackson”) (GigaOM) (USA Today)

- ‘The Age of Anti-Cool’ (interesting take on the rise of relatable icons like the cast of “Glee” and Shaun White. Speaking of… Ubisoft continues to expand the Shaun White franchise with a new skateboarding game. Also MediaPost, reg. required, dives down on the latest Millennial research to come out of Pew Research Center) (MediaPost, reg. required)

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