Ypulse Essentials: Bristol Palin Publishes Her…Memoirs, Social Net Profiles Will Replace Resumes, OneMinuteNews Debuts

Coke Maroon 5Maroon 5 is teaming with Coca-Cola (to crowdsource the band’s next song. In the 24 hours of March 22, the band will gather lyrics, riffs, and rhythms and whip them into a new track during a live session streamed online. The band’s frontman, Adam Levine, is also joining Cee Lo Green as a judge on “The Voice,” a singing competition reality show hosted by Carson Daly. In other music news, MTV and Rhapsody are offering 60 days of free service in a play to nab new users. The efforts will be co-branded — look for playlists from MTV shows, including “Jersey Shore,” if you want to know what Snooki is listening to) (Mashable) (MTV)

- Bristol Palin’s memoir (titled “Not Afraid Of Life” will be released this summer via HarperCollins — and with every passing month she gets closer to an age at which memoir writing seems appropriate. The Fugg Girls’ novel, “Spoiled,” will appear on bookshelves June 1. Self-publishers are making headway — and money — with ebooks) (GalleyCat) (Fugg Girls) (GigaOm)

- Following mock interviews with college students (Ad Age finds college students stellar on paper, but less impressive in person, thanks to the casual attitude Millennials take toward personal interaction. A new study predicts that in the future, employers will no longer look at resumes, but instead they will refer to applicants’ social network profiles, which may benefit today’s youth who are learning — sometimes the hard way — how to present themselves online) (Social Times)

- Gender neutral housing (is a growing trend, with Rutgers being the latest university to allow students to live with girlfriends, boyfriends, or platonic opposite-sex friends) (NJ.com)

- As temperatures rise (kids’ TV time drops, which is a hassle for parents who have to wean their children off of cartoons — though it looks at they’ll get a brief reprieve as a cold snap hits the Northeast tonight) (Boston Globe)

- OneMinuteNews (targets Gen Y, offering online and mobile video snippets of breaking news, lifestyle, personal finance, and entertainment stories and more, with links for deeper dives to inform readers about the facts behind the headlines) (Mediabistro, reg required)

- If you’re jonesing for a ‘Late Night Snack’ (the newest Ben & Jerry’s flavor, named in honor of Jimmy Fallon, gives you potato chips and chocolate all in one bowl) (GrubStreet)

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