Ypulse Essentials: American Girl 'Shine On Now', 'Social Network' On Twitter, Do Something! Awards On VH1

mattelMattel launches ‘Shine On Now’ (The girl-powered pro-social promotion for the American Girl line will promote charitable fundraising, volunteer work.. and the new AG virtual world) (MediaPost, reg. required)

- Sony advertises ‘Social Network’.. on Twitter (Since Facebook isn’t supporting the film and won’t run ads. Meanwhile MySpace rolls out a new, simpler site layout that looks very familiar) (Forbes) (Social Times)

- Hollywood descends Comic-Con (as studio execs look to fanboys and girls for the next big franchise. Also the final Scott Pilgrim book comes out tomorrow) (Variety, reg. required) (Oni Press)

- The Guardian’s ‘Teen Issue’ (the supplemental G2 section of the UK paper presents a special report on teenage life past and present. Love the section on teen bedrooms! And for a stateside celebration of teen life, check out the 2010 Do Something! Awards tonight on VH1)

- First look at ‘Teen Wolf’ (This early review sounds less than impressed, but not completely without hope. Plus ABC Family summer series “Pretty Little Liars” makes the top tweeted brands of last week. And in other primetime news, with newly loosened FCC regulations teen soaps like “Gossip Girl” might get steamier this fall) (The Futon Critic) (Ad Age, reg. required) (THR)

- Label Networks’ Summer Youth Culture Study (looks at youth spending patterns and “key influences” in terms of technology, economy, and beyond. Check out today’s post from Ypulse’s President for more insights on youth spending in the recovery)

- Beezus and Ramona reviewed (as a “cheerfully innocuous if generically uninspired” adaptation of the Beverly Cleary classic. Look for a review from Youth Advisory Board member Meg later this week) (Reuters)

- ‘Anyone But Me’ holds a web-a-thon (The Streamy Award-winning teen web series forgoes the subscription model in favor of fan donations to fund its third season. Check out our earlier interview with show creators Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward) (Salon, day pass required)

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