Ypulse Essentials: A Hunger Games Game, Google+ Is Still Growing, Millennial Women Want & Give Shopping Advice

Hunger GamesGet ready for Hunger Games the, uh, game… (Lionsgate is teaming up with Funtactix to build a social game that takes place in the world of Panem. Debuting the same day as the movie, it will give us the first official map of the futuristic country, which plenty of fans have been trying to divine on their own. In other games news, an Angry Birds K’nex building set — complete with favorite characters and buildable launchers — seems like a brilliant product extension) (Examiner) (Google) (Kidscreen)

- The Super Bowl isn’t just the ultimate sporting event, it’s the ultimate advertising (competition! This year, Google’s businesses are helping us experience it to the max with a YouTube channel created just for the occasion called Ad Blitz 2012 — blitz! get it? — and a Google+ hangout the following day to discuss all this hits and misses. Speaking of Google+, the site has reportedly just hit 100 million users) (Pocket Lint) (Mashable)

- Millennial women are social shoppers (broadcasting their opinions to help friends, family, and perfect strangers make smarter purchase decisions. They also take others’ advice, buying items they’ve heard about via social media and asking their social media friends about what to buy) (eMarketer)

- While the TV industry is struggling with young viewers, some cable companies get Millennials (and what matters to them — justice, authenticity, and connection & community — and focus network decisions based on those principles. Speaking of making moves that would excite a Millennial audience, Viacom might be willing to unbundle its cable channels, including MTV, for a la carte consumption. Such a move might stem the tide of cord cutting among Millennials who don’t see a value in paying a huge cable bill when they don’t watch most of the channels) (CableFAX) (Bloomberg)

- Nothing quite replaces a live show, but a 3D concert film (comes close. According to the rumor mill, Katy Perry is the latest pop star to embrace the big screen. Why not — we’ve seen how lucrative the genre can be with Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and Miley Cyrus’s “Best Of Both Worlds”) (NY Mag)

- Another rumor caught our attention — that Barack Obama and Jay-Z (are going to do a town hall and live interview event on Vevo. All three of those (brand)names spell “Millennial coup.” After floundering a bit in Millennials’ esteem, it looks like the president is making an effort to win back their votes) (ClickZ)

- We’re looking forward to the next show from the Teen Art Gallery (which features work from talented 12-19 year olds. The project is curated and organized by a group of teen artists as well. Mark your calendars for March 29 for the Unseen Artists event) (Art Fag City)

- Millennials are spilling their innermost thought (on a University of Maryland Tumblr called TerpSecrets. Much like the Twitter hashtag #IMissThe90sBecause gave us a glimpse at Millennials’ nostalgia, this Tumblr lets us peer into what’s on their minds, from life to love to family to school) (WaPo) (Twitter) (TerpSecrets)

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