Ypulse Essentials: 80 Million Strong, DoSomething.org Wins A Webby, 'Sexting' On 'Law And Order: SVU'

80 Million Strong80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs (a coalition to discuss the issues surrounding the growing unemployment rate among young people.  Plus, more on how teens are competing with laid-off adults for summer jobs) (USA Today)

- New Kindle DX will lighten students’ load (by storing their textbooks. Thanks, Eric! And ReadWriteWeb asks if this is something students really want)

- Bristol Palin makes the rounds (on morning talk shows to promote the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy telling teens to “learn from her example.” And Jezebel calls her out for an inconsistent message) (Los Angeles Times, reg. required)

- How to do-good (a teen asks Slate’s advice columnists what he can do to change the world. They wisely point him in the direction of DoSomething.org recent Webby winner for “best youth website”. Also check out other youth-y Webby winners including Twitter-loving late night host Jimmy Fallon. Plus, Food, Inc an upcoming documentary and campaign committed to improving the quality of food in school cafeterias) (Slate)

- Lindsay Lohan appears at the “Haute and Bothered” premiere (hosted by Alloy. The new web series launched on Monday on TEEN.com. Also “Gossip Girl” stars Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick attend the White House Correspondents’ dinner) (MediaPost, reg. required) (MTV News)

- Levi’s launches “Give Them Hope” campaign (at Harvey Milk High School raises money for the Hetrick-Martin Institute and LGBT students) (AdAge.com, reg. required)

- Are You There Judy? It’s Me… (Beloved YA author Judy Blume answers questions on a teen message board hosted by Random House. Plus, Boston Globe Guest columnist/YA author Mitali Perkins spotlights the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award and this year’s inspirational titles) (Teens@Random via BuzzFeed) (Boston Globe)

- ‘Lovestruck Summer’ and ‘Waiting for You’ release contest (Ypulse friend and rad YA author Melissa Walker teamed up with fellow rad YA author Susane Colasanti to celebrate the release of their latest respective novels with a joint contest. Plus, readergirlz, where Melissa blogs with other teen read enthusiasts, wins an Innovations in Reading Prize from the National Book Foundation. Congrats readergirlz!)

- Teen smokers (may have a harder time quitting the habit according to new findings from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey) (Reuters)

- Let Simon Decide (Can’t decide where to go to college? What major to choose? What career to pursue? A new decision-making website offers to make the choice for you. Hmm..)

- ‘Sexting’ episode on ‘Law and Order: SVU’ (as if the issue wasn’t popping up in enough forms of media) (Jezebel)

P.S. For readers in the Bay Area: SDForum’s “Tech Titans of Tomorrow: Teens Plugged In” event is next week, Wednesday, May 13th at the Hewlett Packard Auditorium in Palo Alto. They’re still accepting student entrepreneurs interested in pitching to investors! Contact Amanda@sdforum.org for information.


  1. Eric Jaffa

    “The (Kindle) DX also features a sealed-in, rechargeable battery (read: nonremovable) that delivers about two weeks of battery life if you use the built-in 3G wireless data connection judiciously. If your battery dies, you have to send the device back to Amazon to replace the battery for a fee.”

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