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QuinceanerasQuinceaneras becoming big business (I have no idea if these stats are true since this is from a press release for this website, which honestly, just does not do it for me, but there are allegedly “400,000 Hispanic girls turning 15 each year and parents willing to spend an average of $5,000 per Sweet 16 and Quinces [pronounced ‘keen-says’] and sometimes much more.” I’m dying to see this movie though…anyone see it yet?)

- Tween drama (the L.A. Times, reg. required, went deep inside the production of a new play at a middle school in Burbank while the Washington Post, reg. required, reviews a play written by a 15-year-old.)

- Will Red bring socially conscious teens back to GAP? (I think it will do more than any celebrity will….)

- Gen ‘N’ (please stop coming up with new names for this generation…it’s Totally Wired, ok? j/k. New research on how much more Totally Wired teens are than you) (ClickZ via Paid Content)

- Famster (it sounds like Hamster, but it’s a Flash version of MySpace meets Friendster for families [i.e. “safe”]. Plus Fanpop now has a rival called Kevo.) (Mashable)

- ‘10 is the new 15’ (interesting article on the sexualization of young girls and their toys) (The Courier-Mail)

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