Ypulse Essentials: 18 In 08, The Fairy Godmother Of Quinceañeras, FusionFall

Back to School ShopperHearst helps girls go back to school (with this microsite…but the real Hearst headline for today is that they are going after guys with the purchase of UGO. It’s interesting that both eCrush and UGO are sites that have been around a LONG time)

- MySpace goes south of the border (with MySpace Mexico…plus Wonkette rumored to host the MySpace town hall meetings—their answer to the YouTube debates) (Gawker)

- 18 in 08 (David Burstein is on a mission. With a new documentary about young people and politics [and why young people are apathetic about what goes on inside The Beltway], he hopes to engage his peers and get them to the polls)

- Teens in the driver’s seat (a by and for teens site promoting safe driving)

- The Fairy Godmother (of Quinceañeras)

- Bye Bye ‘Laguna Beach’ (it’s official. MTV relocating its reality series to Newport) (Reuters)

- Parents can beta test MySpace’s ParentCare (they just can’t talk to the press about it) (Wired)

- L.A. Youth (gets profiled. Love them.)

- FusionFall (Cartoon Network’s new game—being unveiled at ComicCon) (via Izzy Neis)


  1. Derek

    The MySpace/ParentCare installation seems too complicated for most regular users. So much so that most parents will need their teens to help them install it. Ironic, eh?

    And I’m sure that some teen somewhere has already figured out how to hack ParentCare anyhow…

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